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Sunday Movie - 1pm at Cafe La Villa (BCP Center) - "Hello, My Name Is Doris (2016)"


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Movie starts at 1pm, and food, drinks and popcorn will be available from Cafe La Villa.  (If you like, you can bring cushions for the hard restaurant chairs, or folding/camp chairs for more comfort.)  There is no admission charge, but we ask for voluntary donations at the end of the movie to support the program and help pay for the video system. 

Later this week, in response to requests for better advance notice of upcoming screenings, I will select films for the rest of December, and send out that schedule.  I will also be setting up a Facebook page where we can communicate about movies and related topics. 

David van Harn, Curator
Boquete Film Club

Description:  I selected this week's film - a comedy starring Sally Field - in part to honor the women here in our expat community.  Many of you have a delightful attitude towards life and a wonderful sense of humor - just like the "Doris" character in the film.  The critics seem to agree that Sally Field's performance in this film is really what makes it worth watching.  I have not watched the movie- only the trailer.  But I love the way it portrays the interactions between characters of different generations.  One of the reasons I chose to retire in Boquete - rather than move to an affordable senior apartment complex or community back in California - was that very concept of being around and interacting with the liveliness of people of all ages each and every day.

From the Roger Ebert Website:  "For those of us who really liked—nay, worshiped and adored—Sally Field even before she won a single Oscar, her presence in the modestly conceived but emotionally brimming “Hello, My Name is Doris†is like a beacon of beckoning human warmth just waiting to be cherished.  The 69-year-old actress and former TV “Gidget†not only gets to prove that her superb comedic skills have gotten none the rustier since she was last given a worthy arena to display them. But the fact that Field is doing so in her first leading role in 20 years is on the same level of a cinematic event as Lily Tomlin’s hardcore domination of “Grandma†or Blythe Danner's delicate command of “I’ll See You in My Dreams.â€Â 

Doris - Sally Field.jpg

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