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According to this report from Radio Chiriqui,

300 trees located on the side of the Inter-American route between the district of David, Boquerón and Bugaba will be felled or pruned because of the risk they represent, ensures the regional director of the Ministry of Environment, Yilka Aguirre.

Technicians from the Ministry of the Environment, will carry out during the next two weeks an assessment of trees to be cut and those which can be preserved through pruning, with the aim of avoiding that these represent a danger when they can fall due to heavy wind or rains.

Aguirre ensures that decisions were taken because of the number of fallen trees along the PanAmerican Highway in the last few weeks as a result of the rains that have saturated the ground and caused their demise.


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I would have preferred a bit more specificity as to the "risk" that was mentioned in this announcement. Are they referring to risk to the power lines, risks to pedestrians, risks to vehicles on the roadways, etc.? I often wonder why trees and limbs are not routinely being trimmed or removed because of the risk to high tension lines that I see around our area.

I guess I should be happy that they are at least working on some of these issues.

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