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OPINION: The scourge of obesity

Posted on November 29, 2016 in Panama

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Hoyporhoy La Prensa, Nov 29

CHRONIC non communicable diseases are a scourge responsible for half of  deaths in Panama.

Diabetes, hypertension and obesity punish without mercy the people, particularly the poorest, as healthy lifestyles, healthy diet, adequate physical activity, and access to quality health care are not common to most of our population.

In Panama, 61.5% of people over 18 years of age are obese. This is not a casual  result.

The cumulative product  of decades of poor eating habits, the lack of green areas and safe sidewalks where people can exercise, and high intake of alcohol, combined with the use of tobacco  complicate life options for Panamanians.

The creation of a basic food basket together with programs that combat sedentary lifestyles  and early diagnosis to provide effective treatments for diabetes and hypertension, are just the most obvious solutions that the state can undertake.

This is more cost-effective and humane treatment than continuing  to build hospitals without sufficient equipment or staff.


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Obesity Panama’s biggest health problem

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The disease that most affects Panama is obesity with 45 percent of the population listed as obese or overweight says a Ministry of Health (Minsa)  report released on Wednesday, October  3.

Since 2015, when the preventive health census was started until   August 17, 2018, a total of 578, 478 adults of 40 years or more have been assessed.

The census figures indicate that the diseases that follow obesity are: hyperlipidemia, 38%, hypertension, with 35%; diabetes mellitus, with 13%, and kidney diseases  3%.

Fifteen percent  of children between 7-9 years old are obese



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