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The Handicap Foundation Needs Your Help


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We have two older women who have suffered strokes and are being treated by physical therapy at the handicap foundation. One of which is named Yaneth who lives with her husband in a little very modest Panamanian home. The house has no bathroom or running water. She at times cannot come to therapy because her path is dirt and with large rocks in places so her aged husband cannot push her wheelchair.  We are working on raising enough money to put in a very basic concrete path so she can come on a regular basis.
FPI Janeth.jpg
The other women is Edith. She has a history of falling as she has little use of her right arm and leg. We have worked on braces and strengthening exercises to help prevent falls that could leave  her in even worse shape (ie. broken hip). After doing a home inspection it was discovered that one of the contributing factors to her falls is that she cannot fit her wheel chair into the bath room and then it is so small  her husband has to try to hold her up while he dumps buckets of cold water on her. She has slipped in the bathroom several times. We are try to raise enough money to enlarge the bath room such that she can get her wheel chair in and then transfer to a shower chair. This will make a huge difference in her day to day life.
These two projects combined will cost $700, so that is our goal. Currently we have raised $30. We did a similar project for Alberto, one of our paraplegic's. His dirt path also prevented him for making to therapy regularly.
These pictures are: Alberto's path project and the home he and his family live in, Yeneth and her husband, Edith working hard on the stationary bike and Alberto working hard learning to walk again four years after his accident.
FPI Alberto's Path.JPG
FPI Alberto's House.JPG
FPI Alberto.JPG
FPI Therapy.JPG
If you can help us raise money for these worthwhile projects it would be wonderful. Every little bit will help. You can drop your donation off at the Handicap Foundation Building in Alto Boquete next to the newly constructed Social Security Clinic or you can leave it with Penny Barrett in front of the theater at the Tuesday Market.
Thanks for your help and concern.

Dave and Leiann Scee,
voluteers at the foundation. 
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