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Initiative to Establish a New Political Party -- A Splinter Group from the CD Party

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Martinelli tags new party moves ‘witches tales’

Posted on November 18, 2016 in Panama

Martinelli and Munoz
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EX president President Ricardo Martinelli has  moved to counter an initiative by a Cambio Democratico (CD)  deputy to create a new political party and recruit members from the CD,  

In  an audio recorded by the former president and directed to supporters of the CD, Martinelli asks them  not to be trapped by  “witches tales of any deputy who is trying to register a party.”

He was referring  to  José Muñoz.

“I call on the bases of Democratic Change not to be fooled by witches tales of any deputy to get you to  leave the ranks of this great party and sign up with him.Democratic Change is the   chariot of victory in  2019. … Do not register in parties like this .

“We do not know what its purpose  or objective is ,”

Muñoz, is the  former campaign manager of  presidential candidate, José ‘Mimito’.Domingo Arias.

Asked about the audio, Muñoz said that he had not heard it  and  next week he will respond to  “any reference” to his political project.

There has been dissent within the CD party since late last year when Martinelli attempted to shoe  Alma Cortez  into the  presidential chair of the party, and made a demand for deputies to sign what amounted to an oath of loyalty.


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