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Panama Global Pass (and US Global Entry)


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Marcelyn and I have gone through the registration procedure for Global Entry documentation. Global Entry is a US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) program that expedites entry into the US at certain airports and other land-based points. We have used it once so far, and it worked as advertised.

Upon reentering Panama recently we noticed a brochure regarding the Panama equivalent "trusted traveler" program. Here is a scan of that brochure in case anyone might be interested.

Panama Global Pass_Page_1.jpg 

Panama Global Pass_Page_2.jpg 

Panama Global Pass_Page_3.jpg

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Judy, I don't know the answer to your question. We have no experience with Panama Global Pass.

I was asked how this post is related to life in Chiriqui. Well, to my way of thinking, we live in Chiriqui, but travel frequently. Not trying to be flip here; just explaining my logic.

Note that the pictures in the Panama brochure about their program make it look like Panama and the US use the same machines. One would think that somehow the databases used are interconnected.

Going a bit further, in case there are others interested in the US Global Entry program, below is a PDF scan of the Global Entry Trusted Traveler Network Information Guide.

I note with interest the terminology "network" in the name. My current impression is that it is not in a network because the US TSA Precheck program is totally separate from Global Entry. Global Entry applies to entering the US. TSA Precheck is about when you exit the US. And they do not appear to talk to each other.

Global Entry Information Guide.pdf

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I have had the Global Entry for a few years before I let it expire. For the cost of $100 and all the forms, fingerprints, and interview you have to do to get your card IMO it is not worth it. I flew  several times a month for business and it was rare I got to go into TSA/Global entry line. Maybe it has improved.

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We don't have experience with the early days of Global Entry -- just for the past two and a half months. Maybe your experience was a case of the start up problems of a new system.

Also, we agree with the cost and the excessive amount of paperwork. The thing that caused us to commit to starting the process was that our AMEX card funded the $100.00 fees (plural, one fee for Marcelyn and one for me), for a total of $200.00. Had we had to pay that then we would not have committed. But with the fee being rebated, it was simply the documentation, which was onerous. It took each of us a bit more than one hour each with the online system to get everything that was required.

The good news for us was not having to pay the fees, and that the Global Entry thing is good now for five years. This is probably our first and last time to go through their procedure, given our ages.

Our recent entry at IAH in Houston (a week ago yesterday) was rather easy, other than several of their machines being out-of-service. Didn't even have to submit the customs form that we had in hand. They just take your word that is confirmed on the computer panel when entering through their system.

We really are not trying to "sell" anyone on going through this process. Just sharing information.

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Maybe it has improved...let's see how you feel after using it for over a year. That is a great deal with AMEX covering the fee. Just out of curiosity I tried to renew my card on line. 35 mins later after I updated all my new info it popped up a warning message that it's server is down and I would need to log out and start all over again! The heck with that!

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