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Rodny Direct Member Alert - Burglary gang in Alto Boquete

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With the permission of the originator, the following message from Rodny Direct is being redistributed:



Member Alert

November 14, 2016

To: xxx


We need to alert all residents of Alto Boquete about the confirmed activity of a burglary gang operating in Alto Boquete. They have reportedly been responsible for more than 6 burglaries of locally owned homes in the area. The police are investigating, but need your help.
If you see anything out of the ordinary, please immediately call Rodny Direct. We will forward your information to the police. 
The gang is suspected to be using a pickup truck with gardening equipment in the back. We believe that they are using this as a cover for casing houses to be burglarized. If you see a suspicious truck, or are approached by someone offering gardening services, or anything else suspicious, take a picture of the truck and the license plate. Email or Whatsapp it to Rodny Direct immediately. Call if you need help sending your pictures. 
In particular, you need to get cedulas from any worker who comes on your property. Again, just take a picture of the cedula with your phone.  If you are uncomfortable asking for cedulas, please call Rodny and he will get the information for you. Be alert to look for tattoos, which may indicate gang affiliation. This is very important. 
Thanks in advance for your help! Alert citizens have broken many cases like this in the past.
Rodny Direct.



Any questions? info@rodnydirect.com

Copyright 2015, Rodny Direct


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