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Free drum (cajon) lessons and drum circle


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Every Wednesday from 4 PM to 5 PM we have a therapeutic drum circle at La Villa Cafe.  For now, there are "loaner" cajons (box drums) you can use for free.  If you have never played a cajon or joined in a drum circle, we give free lessons a half hour before the drum circle.
Join us at 3:30 PM every Wednesday to learn how to play a cajon and participate in our drum circles.   ANYONE CAN DO IT, it's great fun and there are numerous published research papers proclaiming the mental and physical heath benefits of community drumming.  THE LESSONS ARE FREE and are for beginners and early intermediates only.  You'll learn the basic techniques and how to drum along with the group with no previous experience required.  After your free lesson, you are invited to hang around and join the therapeutic drum circle if you wish.  
BE READY to join the festivities at the MONTHLY BIG MOON DRUM PARTY held around the bonfire at La Villa.  Drumming, belly dancers, good music, dancing and strange musical instruments.  Oh yeah, and plenty of adult beverages.  6 PM the second Friday of every month.  Great Party - Great Fun!
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