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Pilates at the Haven! For those who Love Movement & Want to Work-out!


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Pilates teaches fluid, natural whole body movement. It is not static- teaching one technique at a time employing different parts of the body, but flowing- fluidly connecting one technique into the next in the creation of whole body sequences natural to everyday life movement. Thus Pilates connects and integrates the body/mind employing body awareness, concentration and coordination.
Pilates builds muscle. All during life, muscular strength is important, but especially as we age. Muscles feed the bones supporting the skeleton in good posture. Nothing makes a person appear older than bad posture. And to stand erect, one needs not only strong muscles, but balanced muscles- meaning equally flexible and strong. Thus Pilates' attribute of creating long, lean, strong muscles. Muscles also strengthen metabolism and the immune system.
So...if you like to work-out and not only have a gentle, relaxing time when you take time to exercise- Pilates may be for you! And Pilates using props, as the classes at the Haven are, puts a new spin onto the movements, working the total self in strengthening ways and adding another dimension of fun and concentration.
Classes resume Monday, November 7th after a 3 week vacation. It's a great time to begin or get back on the mat! Do your total self a favor, and get moving- Your body/mind will thank-you and reward you for it!
Ongoing Classes at the Haven restart Monday, November 7th- Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays- 8:30- 9:45 a.m., and Fridays- 9 a.m.til 10:15. 
All classes use props- stretchy bands, light hand weights, different size balls, magic circles and foam rollers* which are included in the class donation fee requested. Two class packages are also available. Either class package is to be taken within a month from the date purchased. Regular class attendance of at least ONCE weekly is suggested. However- Two, or three times per week is preferred. One does not build  a new skill set or strengthen and stretch muscles through irregular, occasional attendance.
* Until one owns their own Magic Circle and Foam Roller substitutions can be made- such as the small ball for the Magic Circle and 2 rolled up yoga mats lying vertically for the foam roller. An experience with these props will be  given in class to help you make your decision. Some  students have chosen to  use the substitutes which are readily available. Have your own yoga mat? Bring it to class. It's best to have your own- but not necessary. And note- There is no additional fee to use the Haven's.
Monday and Friday- Pilates Using Props Classes are Basic Level - For new and ongoing students to stretch out and strengthen his/her body, emphasizing good posture & learning how to use the props. Students in these classes learn how to listen to their body to pace themselves and modify the movements according to their  particular movement restrictions and abilities.
The Tuesday and Thursday- Pilates Props Classes are Intermediate Level- Integrating more complex movements into the sequences. All ongoing students are invited to come- progressing and using their prop adaptations as they see fit.
So...Insert the class dates and times on your calendar and Get Ready to have a Good Time GETTING FIT! Pilates Using Props is GREAT to Tone and Strengthen those problem areas such as the arms and inner and outer thighs. And YOUR CORE! Do your part to strengthen and protect the spine and lower back and stop being fully dependent on other people to fix you.
Stop covering up your body to feel good about how you look and feel!  Let's age with grace, take responsibility for our health and BE AT OUR BEST!  
Susan Clare, Class Instructor, has Instructor Certifications from the U.S. in both Pilates and Yoga. She has been teaching for over 25 years and is passionate about natural health-care, exercise and movement. Questions? Email Susan at suzeclare@gmail.com
* Note- One does not need to be a member of the Haven to partake in Spa Services or exercise classes. 
Hesitant to join a group class? Private classes are also available. Email Susan to inquire.
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