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Tuesday Talks -- Rodny Direct has group health insurance


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10:30 in the BCP Theater

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Tuesday November 1 – Mark & Martine Heyer, Rodny Fuentes & Irma Castillo Smith present their group health insurance policies for members of Rodny Direct. .FREE ADMISSIONMartine will speak on 2 or 3 different health insurance plans that exist and that will give discounts for group members. Rodny and Mark will be there to sign up folks for Rodny Direct. Irma Castillo Smith will be the plan administrator for the Rodny Direct group insurance plans.

Tuesday November 8Allison Tilluma will speak about detoxification of the body, how the body naturally detoxifies, why it is necessary, and what we can do to support it in a nourishing and natural way. Allison is a local massage therapist, herbalist, and yoga teacher. She has been specializing in alternative medicine for the past 10 years after realizing Western medicine was not effectively treating her issues.

Tuesday November 15 – Bill Whit  presents “More Tai Chi”. In 1985 Bill Whit PhD began 20 years study of Shaolin Temple Praying Mantis style Tai Chi with Grand Master Ho Yen Lee.. Subsequently, he has taken Tai Chi worships and classes with 6 masters and 4 teachers. He taught Tai Chi in Canada for 10 years. He will summarize the history of Tai Chi, its benefits, and demonstrate some Tai Chi forms. He will be starting a free Tai Chi class i Boquette in January, 2017.

Tuesday November 22 -- Price Peterson, Peter Sterling, and Rodrigo Marciacq on the scientific and economic facts (and the truth) about GMO products especially as they exist in Panama.

Tuesday November 29 – Dr. Peter Juhos, owner of Natural Alternative Health, S.A. in David will speak about the programs his clinic offers. Dr. Juhos is a Hungarian holding a BA, BS, MBA-US-Fulbright Scholarship at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Juhos is the Medical Director, Founder, and Owner of Multiple Clinics practicing chiropractic and alternative medicine. He has developed an Ultimate Remedy a Superantigen (SAg) for anti-cancer treatment.   FREE ADMISSION

Tuesday, Dec. 6 -- Dr. Alfredo Molto, high level plastic surgeon practicing in David will speak about advancements in plastic surgery and his work with Operation Smile in Panama.

Tuesday, Dec. 13 -- Alberto Alemán is the former CEO of the Panama Canal Authority. He is a graduate of Texas A & M University. Under his leadership, the Panama Canal Authority´s vision has been to transform the Canal into a world leader in services to the maritime industry, to be the cornerstone of the global transportation system, and a model of excellence, integrity, and transparency. He is the recipient of numerous national and international awards for his achievements and contributions to the world maritime industry. Sr. Alberto will speak to us about the history and the future of the canal and its importance to the Panamanian people.

Tuesday, Dec. 20  -- Have a medical condition on a weekend, night, holiday or any other  day?. Dra. Digna Diaz, Dra Sue King Loo and the Boquete Medical Associates is a call in service at ALFA Clinic next to La Reina and they will manage your emergency in Boquete just by calling 6619-7911. Dra Digna is an internal medicine specialist who obtained her general medicine degree in Costa Rica and her internal medicine specialty through Hospital Regional in David. She also has a master’s degree in aesthetic medicine from Spain. Dra Sue is the owner of the clinic and received her general medicine degree from the National University of Panama.

Tuesday, Dec. 27 – Darrell Eash presents Camels & Chameleons (Learning to Thrive in a New Environment). How to understand and appreciate the differences between Latinos and Gringos, and how to adapt to and succeed in a culture and language different from your own. Darrell’s knowledge in this area comes from being born and raised in Venezuela, living there until he left for college in the U.S. He’s also worked among Latinos for nearly 28 years, and has traveled extensively to all but four Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America. Darrell will address the 10 cultural differences between Latino and Gringo cultures and explain how they can harmoniously work together.


Tuesday January 3 – Boquete Hospice and Health presents “Being Prepared.” Do you know the legalities in Panama if you were to die or become ill and unable to make very important medical decisions for yourself?  Laws you're familiar with in your home country do not apply! Did you know that you must have enough cash on hand to pay a doctor to pronounce someone dead and to have the mortuary pick you up? No credit cards.  No IOUs.  What will you do if you're hospitalized in an emergency and can't express what medical treatment you want?  And who can legally enter your home to feed your pets if you can't? What's your legal marital status?  What about wills?  There's a lot we ASSUME we know but we don't


Tuesday January 10 – David MacKenzie will speak on “Diseases Are Your Friends” and are messages from your body (and God).  Medicines are unnatural and toxic and just kill the messenger. David believes the great majority of diseases are caused by diet and lifestyle and we all need to know the biologically correct diet.

Tuesday January 17Bob Gregory and the Alto al Crimen team will make a report to the community. Members of the AAC board and Caesar Sherrard, founder and former president of AAC, will speak on a number of topics. The meeting will be for all members of the community and especially for new folks who are unfamiliar with the history of AAC or the vital bilingual emergency hotline and other services it provides for permanent residents, temporary residents and tourists in Boquete.

Tuesday January 24 -- Alvaro Almengor of Hatstone Lawyers, a boutique law firm with five partners across four offices (Jersey, London, Panama and South Africa) will speak.  They are primarily a corporate and private law firm, and work regularly on cross border structures for international clients. they regularly advise international banks, financial services business, foreign corporations, local business, public and private companies, directors, shareholders, entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals on all aspects of corporate and commercial law. In Panama, in particular, they have expertise in incorporating companies and foundations, construction and property, employment, immigration, taxation, corporate and commercial, succession planning and asset protection, cross-border transactions, new business establishment and general legal advice. FREE ADMISSION

Tuesday January 31 – Milagros Sanchez Pinzón is the premiere historian for Chiriqui Province and Boquete in particular. She authored the book Boquete, Rasgos de su Historia in 2001 and Boquete: Valley of the eternal rainbow in 2006 -- research and photos illustrating the rich history of Boquete and its founding families. Luz Graciela Joly Adames, Tenured Professor of Anthology, Department of History, Faculty of Humanities, Autonomous University of Chiriqui, will translate.

Tuesday, Feb. 7 – Lloyd Cripe “the weatherman talks about the micro-climates and weather in the Boquete area and how it has changed.

Tuesday, Feb. 14 – Robert Bezeu, founder and developer of the “Plastic Bottle Village” development on Isla Colon in Bocas del Toro, will speak about his labor of love on Valentines Day. This eco-residential community will eventually consist of 120 homes built out of recycled plastic bottles. Robert will tell us what motivated him to undertake such an ambitious project, how he utilizes the bottles, why this is an affordable and efficient building method, and how he hopes to save the earth one bottle at a time.  http://www.plasticbottlevillage.com

Tuesday, Feb. 21 – Boquete Optical SETI Observatory. Marlin (Ben) and Joan Schuetz retired in 1997 and subsequently cruised the Caribbean for nearly 10 years in their trawler. In 2006 they found and settled in Boquete. With a degree in physics, Ben’s career included engineering, physics and management, but he always maintained a lingering interest in astronomy. In 2008 he constructed the Boquete Optical SETI Observatory which has since been in a constant state of development. The observatory’s objective is to search for pulsed laser signals originating from worlds that may be deliberately targeting earth. Come and learn more about Ben’s search for ET.

Tuesday, Feb. 28 – What is that creepy, crawly creature?


To suggest a speaker or topic for these meetings please email BCP Tuesday Meeting


To become a vendor at the Tuesday market, email Elena Serracin

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