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Community - Responsibility (Betty Landis)


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Reprinted with permission from The Panama Perspective

Community – Responsibility

By Tom on October 23, 2016 in News from Panama
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Meet Betty Landis, President of Boquete Hospice and Health Foundation.  I did last week in an attempt to find out more about this great organization.  My only contact before was when a neighbor needed a hospital bed for her mother and we went down to their warehouse where they lent it out for free for as long as needed.

The organization is made up of two major components, Hospice and Health Services but just as important, there is the equipment loan program and blood donor program.  This is very important as Panama does not have blood banks and we must rely upon blood donors when the time arrives.  With over 40 active volunteer members and 5 main officers, they service the greater Boquete area and have retired nurses and doctors who provide support.  Foreign health workers are not allowed to practice medicine in Panama but they can teach and train others to help on a no fee basis.

Here is where the responsibility part comes in for all members of the community.  Each person needs to have a physician who can practice medicine and know of those who can provide palliative careWe have several physicians here in Boquete who are fully licensed and some who can administer IV treatment in your home.  One has her own ambulance and EMPs on call.  While we all may be as healthy as a horse, there may come a time, naturally or by illness when you must call upon a qualified physician.  While you might have come here to get “off the grid”, it is everyone’s responsibility to take this seriously and  take steps to insure that you do not become a burden on others or leave no records of who to contact in case that time comes.

The Boquete Hospice and Health Foundation has a simple Buddy Connection form and this is part of a personal information folder we must each have.  Share this form with you buddy’s here in Boquete.  You should list your full name, date of birth, phone number, email and alternatives for each.  List the people  who are the local  contacts in case of an emergency and those who are abroad with their contact information and relationship to you.  List 3 contacts for each.   List the name of your primary physician and any specialists with their contact information as well.  If you have health insurance list the company and policy number.  Same goes for your homeowners and car insurance.  You should include in your folder  a picture of yourself, copy of your passport, driver’s license and second ID like a cedula.  List the meds you take and do not forget any special care needed for your pets too.   You might also think about getting a living will here in Panama as the one you might have in the US will not be recognized here.  Same goes for your will.


Boquete Hospice and Health Foundation is a non-profit foundation and provides its services free of charge.  They are currently sustained by the kind and generous community that we serve and in which we live.  Donations are very appreciated and can be made by check to “Boquete Hospice & Health Foundation”.  Checks may be left at Mailboxes, Etc in Boquete. For information on making a donation contact  Doug Tyler at bjtrdt@gmail.com or 6781-9250.  They also accept donations of medical equipment and supplies.

Mark your calender’s!

November 17, 2016 is the date for the organization to make a presentation to community members. The event will be held at the 3rd floor of the Boquete Library.  The intent is to involve the entire community, both foreigners and locals alike.

I could go on for a lot longer on this organization and things you might want to do to be of help.  Probably one of the more important things they need is a home for their equipment and a little office space.  Right now they rent a couple of mini storage bays to house their equipment and supplies.

Contact them for any questions and of course donations and ideas for a new home.

Thomas H. Brymer II
We invite you to visit our country and learn if Panama Real Estate is right for you.

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