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Laundry and Dry Cleaning in Boquete

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Dennis, as far as I know, the only place for dry cleaning in Boquete is the store you mention on the Sr. Gyros and Chox street. I love their dry cleaning. They have cleaned things that I was told couldn't be cleaned in the States. They can even clean down comforters.

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Thanks, Bonnie.  Appreciate the input.  Their dry cleaning is OK, but I don't need it much.  It's the simple laundry that is a problem -- clothes returned still damp, yet folded and bagged; plus too many lost socks.  So I'll try somewhere else for the laundry.  Thanks again.

Also appreciate the other two recommendations.  I've seen the place near SF Plaza and always assumed it was a DIY place (which I was ready to try).  Anyway, it's close to where I live so will give them a try next week.

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On 10/20/2016 at 11:30 AM, CEPage1Ca said:

For our regular laundry we take it to a place that is at the driveway at the back of the Dollar store on the main street. I believe the name is Sunshine Laundry. She does a great wash, dry fold service and her prices are very reasonable.

We have used the laundry services provided by Sunshine Laundry for many years. They used to be located on Calle Principal, but relocated to the condo building that houses the Dollar Store about a year ago. Never had a problem. They do NOT do "dry cleaning", but will steam clean ("limpiar al vapor") things, which works just as well for our needs. Always found the proprietress to be very friendly and accommodating. One time I did not have change for the laundry, and she said "don't worry, just pay me next time". I call that customer service.

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