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Keep Boquete Clean project - Results


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Keep Boquete Clean Project

On Saturday the 8th of October, 2016 I organized the first “Keep Boquete Clean” trash pick-up day.  We had 14 residents from the Emerald Drive neighborhood and 4 from Los Molinos community to help pick-up trash along the main Boquete highway. These volunteers spent about 2 hours each picking up plastic and glass bottles, beer cans, disposable diapers, Styrofoam and lots of other debris. This resulted in a total of 38 bags of trash.  Most of the trash was carried away by Gary Lewis (Emerald Drive community) pulling his trailer and taking it to the dump – THANK YOU!!  The other bags were left for regular pick-up.


A great big thank you goes to David George, who is a Panamanian. Not only was he out on Saturday morning, but he continues to go out several times a week by himself to pick-up trash along the highway. He loves this country and hates to see the mess on the side of the roads. His continued help is a blessing to me and the community.


Another big thank you goes to Judy Tovar for organizing (and taking pictures) the Emerald Drive neighbors to participate in this clean-up day.


Thank you to all the adults and kids who helped, including: Yadira Anguizola, Sr. Beitia, Zaida Frising, Maria, Family: Pedro, Benjamin, Gabriela and Jose Gonzales, Family: Jeff, Millie and Gray Hamilton & brothers and sister: Cody, Tyler and Dakota Langer.


If there is anyone else who participated in the community clean-up that I missed – I apologize. Please let me know who you are.


Finally, I would like to say that I was encouraged by the turnout and while I was picking up trash on Saturday, I was visited by the assistant of the Mayor of Boquete.  He stated he saw the News Boquete flyer and came to take pictures of those involved. I was encouraged to hear him say that he will have a meeting with the Mayor on Monday (October 10th) to discuss the trash issues.


A few people making a small effort end in big results!



Tina Hoenig

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