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Mezcla Gourmet -- good new restaurant in David

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My friend Olga and I had lunch at this fairly new place yesterday. It's on the old David - Boquete road across the street from the Multi Motores used car lot. It's very cute and well appointed inside. Several choices of gourmet burgers, pasta, soups, etc. No beer (sigh) but a big selection of batidos including oreo, corn flake, etc. Also, every kind of juice you would ever want including kale (ugghhh).

It's worth a try.

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Marcelyn and I patronized this eatery earlier this year with friends based on their recommendation. We were glad that we did go there. Good service, good ambience - almost feeling like family based on the greeting of the staff, good tasting food, etc. Prices were very reasonable; did not ask for a jubilado discount because we have a policy of not asking when the price is less than $10.00. Not much English spoken, but Spanglish worked well.

Mezcla is a -- not hidden but certainly unadvertised -- jewel.

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2 hours ago, Penny said:

... No beer (sigh) but ....

Penny, you may want to plan a trip to San Diego. That city labels and markets itself as "Beer City" with more than 100 breweries and brewpubs. They even have a "San Diego Beer Bus" that does brewery tours; after sampling so many beers you have a designated driver to get you safely back to your hotel.

Neither Marcelyn nor I drink beer, so we can't give you any first hand feedback. o.O

San Diego beer blurb.jpg

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