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Opportunity for Expatriate Involvement in Chiriqui


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Expats in Chiriquí,


We are a group of students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), located in Massachusetts, who are working on a project with Oteima University, the City of Knowledge, and the Competitiveness Center of the Western Region of Panama (CECOM-RO). CECOM-RO’s main goal is to provide tools and resources to other companies and organizations within Western Panama, with the use of Panamanian Government funding. This project ultimately involves connecting experienced expatriates from the United States with these development initiatives within the region.


This is where you come in!


We believe that your interests could help benefit the aforementioned organizations and would like to connect you with CECOM-RO, if you’re interested.

Our group has been tasked with creating a database of individuals, like yourself, which will enable CECOM-RO and partner organizations to effectively match expatriates with specific projects and potentially to produce projects of your own. Involvement and commitment in these projects is entirely up to you!


Below you will find a link to CECOM-RO’s website with more information regarding some projects, as well as their vision. You will also find a link to the survey to become connected to the organization and to be included into our database. The database will be private and will only be accessible to CECOM-RO, and the sharing of your information will only be allowed with your permission.

CECOM-RO’s website:


Database Survey:


Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, concerns via email at cecomro.expats@gmail.com.


Thank you and we hope this could be of interest to you,

The WPI Team;

Caroline Armstrong

Marissa Bennett

Matthew Eaton

Ranier Gran

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