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I got a parking ticket while parked outside the BCP at the Tuesday market. I know lots of others got the same ticket I did, because when I got to my car, the whole line had tickets on the windows. My question is where do I pay this. Some of my friends here have never heard of a parking ticket, and someone told me I may have to go to David to pay it there. Anybody know for sure?

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Traffic related tickets (parking, speeding, etc.) issued by the policemen on the highways are paid iin David at Chiriqui Mall. They can be paid in cash or credit card (or at least that was the case over the past couple of years). Go to the inner corridor, and then the office that would be closest to PriceSmart's parking lot/entrance. The caja would be to the right just after you enter. There are two caja lines.

Be sure to get a receipt, and keep it. This paperwork thing can bite you later when you try to renew your plates, etc., so I am told.

Don't ask me how I know.

It would be nice if the municipality tickets could be paid here in Boquete, but I have never had experience or heard anything about that possibility. If it were true, then it would likely be at the treasury office, which is where you get your license plates and pay other city fees, etc.

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Well, Bud was right. You can pay a parking ticket (and probably any traffic offense) in the Chiriqui Mall in David. I don't think it said on the ticket exactly where to go, but, you go to the mall.


We first went to the cashier, who sent us to a clerk at a computer terminal. The clerk looked at the ticket, checked the computer, looked at the ticket some more, back to the computer, until she said we can go to the cashier. The whole thing took less than five minutes and the office was air-conditioned.

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