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A Dangerous Email Scam Hits Boquete

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Yesterday we were alerted to a very dangerous email scam that is now sweeping thorough Boquete. 

You may receive a legitimate looking email from a friend who is sending you a secure PDF document. It looks like a sign in screen from Dropbox and asks you to log in to receive your document. However it asks you for your email address and PASSWORD. 
In other cases, you may be asked to send money to someone you know. 
Never, never give anyone your email password. Delete the email immediately. 
Once they have one person's email account, they use every address in it to send the same scam to everyone you correspond with. It may look like the email is coming from someone in the stolen emails rather than the original victim. They may ask you to send money to the supposed sender or otherwise access your bank accounts. 
DO NOT USE YOUR EMAIL PASSWORD FOR ANY OTHER LOGIN - ESPECIALLY FINANCIAL. Once a hacker has one password they will try it on all the  accounts that they find in your emails. If it is your bank, or Amazon or a travel site, it could be very, very expensive.  
This scam is an immediate threat. Don't become a victim yourself. 
The Rodny Direct Team
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