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The Top Chef program has become a very popular reality show in Panama. Last night culminated the second season and the winner is Luis Mendizábal of Chiriqui, the former chef/owner of Cuatro in David.


Presentation of the $25,000 first prize by show host and chef/owner of the Hotel Panamonte, Charlie Collins.


Recipes here:  http://www.telemetro.com/topchef/temporada2/recetas/


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Awe shucks...thanks Keith.  I'll have to say the instant Sancocho soup pack and egg with one piece of snake tasted pretty good .  The breading on the snake...great!  BUT unlike a rattle snake or Boa the Fer de Lance has no meat.  Beats me how the damn thing strikes from 3 feet away .  I've never seen an animal with so little flesh.  See that sliver of meat in Bills teeth there.?  Ok that's it....   Strip that off and that's one side.  Were it not for the greasy breading you'd leave the table starving after consuming a 7 1/2 ft Fer de Lance. 


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