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The New Novey store in David is Incredible!!

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There is a new Novey Store on the super 99 road across from Electrica diagonal from the old super 99.  The store looks small from the out side so we just passed it by for a couple of weeks.  Went in the other day WOW!  It is twice as big as the Novey by Reys.  Has way more stuff.  Better prices than a lot of stuff at do it center.  Stop in and take a look. There are many more stores going into the shopping center.  Traffic in that spot is all ready bad, in a few months when the rest of the stores open it is going to be ?  Grid locked?  

Anyway just visiting the store was fun, to see the huge selection of stuff.  13 years ago you would not have been able to find more than half the stuff in the store anywhere in David.  

Make a right turn when you leave then, a block down there is a left turn lane, then go to the one way.  Even in bad traffic it is not to bad.  Not sure if it would be possible to make a left out of the shopping center and still live :-)

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The Director of Transit for Chiriqui is considering making changes to traffic flow in the area.

Calle F Sur, or Calle Miguel Angel Brenes would become one-way running from the PanAmerican Highway down to the Police station on Av. 4A.

Calle E Sur, which runs behind Romero in San Mateo, would become one-way in the other direction.

Calle C Sur, or the Via Rapida, will remain one-way from Av. 4A up to the Highway beside Cochez y Cia.

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Good news! The plan sounds good to me; anything that would help traffic on Brenes is good news.

 I hadn't been to David in a while but was there today and noticed that that the new right hand lane going east on the Panamerican from Pricesmart to the road that feeds into Brenes has really helped the flow of traffic in that area. It's nice to know that someone is looking at these things.

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