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Coming this October...Be Well Boquete, Programs for Healthy Living


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My name is Michael Cooper and I am a new resident here in Boquete. I have worked very hard over the last 14 years of teaching to completely demystify health and exercise to make them accessible and effective regardless of age or experience.


I am thinking of hosting a variety of 3-part workshops in Boquete. All workshops are designed to improve the quality of your health and life. Each workshop will be limited to five attendees so everyone receives the attention and hands-on help they require.

I am also thinking to offer personal sessions for those who would prefer the

benefit from one-on-one assistance.


Here is a small sampling of what's to come that I believe can benefit the local community....


The heArt of Breathing - boost energy and increase mental clarity

Assisted Stretching - help relieve pain and increase freedom of movement

Regaining Flexibility -  simple techniques with lasting results

Guided Mediations - for those who think they can't but want to

Easy Yoga for the absolute beginner -  A favorite of my mother who was in her 80's


These types of workshops are designed with all people and all levels in mind, even if you think you can't participate because of certain conditions, injuries, what you’ve been told, or what you experienced in the past.


I am currently in Mysore, India completing A 200 hour intensive training specializing in working with issues like chronic back pain, lordosis, scoliosis, shoulder and neck pain and hip and knee pain, using aids such as bolsters, soft blocks, straps, pillows, chairs etc. I am looking forward to bringing this knowledge back to share with you.


Please look out for my personal bio and updates on the workshops in September and again in early October, once I return from India.


Anyone interested in what I will be doing, would like to be updated on these events, or has questions they would like to ask, please contact me at mic1951co@gmail.com.  I'd love to hear from you!


Be Well

Yours in Health,


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