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Our monthly "Boquete Chicas" lunch was held Friday at Casona del Cusco, the Peruvian Restaurant behind Plaza Los Establos. There were 22 of us and because we pre-ordered they were set up and prepared for us so the service was good. They have a regular $7.95 lunch special which includes a chicken, a fish, or a shrimp dish. Most of us ordered "Crispy Garlic Shrimp" and there was a bit of confusion when it was delivered as the shrimp were boiled and definitely not crispy. Maybe this is a language difficulty. The other thing worth mentioning is that apparently they didn't get the memo on the law changing about including tips in the bill as they included a 10% tip in everyone's bill. Since that is a little less than I would have left, I didn't complain. However, it got me thinking that maybe there's an exception in the no included tip law for larger groups of people. Anybody know?

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Good point Penny.  I know in FL tips are included for larger groups.  The "Crispy Garlic Shrimp" was an appetizer and is included on their main menu and not the lunch special.  Since so many people ordered this plate as their main meal, we asked that either vegetables would be included or a small salad.  They chose to include the vegetables.  While the shrimp was cooked perfectly and had a nice crunch it certainly was not breaded as we gringos tend to believe "crispy" means.  Was a great day, thanks Chicas!

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