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2 Guys & A Cooler/ BCP Menu 8/30/16/ Pot Pies, Baklava, Burritos


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Hello Everybody,


I was hoping to get the menu out this week a bit earlier than normal.  This week we have Baklava, Mexican Burritos, and Chicken Pot Pies.  I am very excited because this week we ordered a commercial vacuum Sealer.  this unit is perfect and will change the way we package several of our products.  What's really great is that the bags that I have ordered can be used as Sous Vide bags.  This means if you want to toss the bag in simmering water (to heat up your food) it won't bust.  We are looking forward to see where this new piece of equipment takes our product...

I wanted to pass something by you.. Food for thought....  Have you ever noticed the street performers in David?  I use the term street performers very loosely.  Regardless, This week we were at a light and I got to thinking about how much money they must make.  Standing in the hot sun, trying to do a hula hoop, learning as you go juggling, or even waving flags around to a melody only they can hear.  Here's what I came up with after observing them for some time now..  It seems that every time a light changes they get change from at least one car.  Sometimes 2 or 3 but for the sake of this equation let's just say that an average of 1 car gives them change.  Quite often people will grab what's in their cup holder which is anything from a quarter to a dollar.  We find that a Martinelli coin is given out most often to street performers as it is simple, respectful, and adequate.  So with this information have you ever stopped to think about how much money a street performer makes?  The lights change every 30 seconds.  After their performance (which is usually 20 seconds long) they walk the traffic about 6 cars down then scoot off the road.  In 1 Hour the light will have changed 120 times.  60 times going and 60 times stopped.  If they get change from 1 car at a rate of 1 Balboa every light change it would be safe to assume that a street performer makes roughly $60 and hour..  Let's say they only work 3 hours a day (TOO HOT IN DAVID!!!), 5 days a week (even street performers need to rest), for 52 weeks a year.  I calculate that they would earn $46,800...  WOW is that CRAZY or what....  I think we will start to see a thriving new business venture for many young tourists (or some established residents perhaps)

OK enough of that.  I hope that everyone is having a fun week that is full of Blessings and void of Drama.  But if you happen to have Drama know that soon it will pass, but if I can help in any way please let me know...  I speak fluent Spanish and can get you in touch with the right people..


If you would like to start receiving our menu please click below and join our distribution list..  We are a family run operation that has been here for 5 years and Love cooking for others.  Our meals are prepackaged, Frozen and ready to reheat and eat.  We offer the widest variety of dishes and the widest range of flavors in the entire country of Panama.  We listen to the pulse of the people and make it a reality.  Our guarantee is that you will like most of our meals.  The name of our company is 2 Guys & A Cooler and we are here to serve you...

Join By Clicking Here


Please let me know if you are picking up at our house on Monday (Anytime after 2pm), if you want delivery, or if you will be picking up at the BCP.   If you are picking up at our home (remember that you get a 10% Discount) just call when you come and honk when you get to get to the gate.  If you need directions let me know so I can send them..  My number is 6866-0072

If you want home delivery this week you must let me know in your preorder.  Send me your phone number, and give me directions to your house.  If I delivered to your place last week there is no need for additional directions..  On Monday afternoon (between 2 and 5) I will be making deliveries.  Thanks to all who took advantage of this.
Delivery costs $3.00 per order (Orders over $35 dollars qualify for free delivery) 
If you have any questions you can email me at eric@doshombrespanama.com
Thanks for reading
Eric, Cecelia, Chandler, Keira, and Aidan

Organic Chap stick 
Orange  $3.00:  Orange Oil, Coconut oil, Aloe Butter, Shea Butter, and Beeswax.  This was not only a favorite flavor but with the added butters this chapstick provides UV protection from the sun while moisturizing.
Raspberry  $3.00:  This popular flavor is back on the menu.  A great Chap Stick that has bees wax, aloe butter, Shea butter, and raspberry oil.  Great moisturizer for your lips that provides UV protection as well.
Frankincense  $3.00:  This great new chap stick provides moisture and has medicinal value.  Frankincense reduces inflammation, disinfectant, and antiseptic properties.  Great for blisters or flare ups.  Can also be used on other parts of the body.  Contains Bees Wax, Unrefined Cocoa Butter, Coconut oil, and Frankincense oil.

(GF) Better Than Bratwurst, Bratwurst  $5.00 (pack of 2):   This amazing Brat is jammed packed with flavor.  By far the richest of the sausages that we make and one of the best.  We went top shelf on this Bratwurst all the way.  You will be blown away by the texture, flavor, and the "SNAP" that comes with it..  Be sure to pick up some sauerkraut to finish it off.  This fresh sausage is ready for you to grill, bake, braise, or poach..  A sausage that will restore your love for sausages.. 
(GF) All American Beef and Bacon sausage  $4.00 (pack of 2):  This crazy sausage is an American staple revisited.  I used Ground top round, horseradish,  Bacon, and Cheddar Cheese to make this "Bacon Cheese Burger" style sausage.  Serve by itself over a bed of lettuce, onions, pickles, and tomatoes and topped with mustard and mayo or eat it as a hot link as this sausage is truly different.

(GF) Spicy or Mild Premium Maple Breakfast Sausage  $6.00 (1#):  This sausage is in a class all by itself.  I used a different grind for this sausage to get a smother texture and we tweaked the recipe to add a delicate balance of maple syrup and brown sugar.  The spicy version is not "Burn your face off" because I didn't want to lose the flavors of the rest of the ingredients.  A real classic and is very similar to Jimmy Dean's Maple Sausage..
(GF) Hot Italian Bulk Sausage  $6.00  1#:  This bulk sausage is great for Pizza, Lasagna, Spaghetti, or a great meatball sub sandwich.  Very versatile and rich with flavor.
Smoked Cajun Andouille Sausage  $8.00  1#:  This rare treat is a great addition to our line of sausages.  The process is a bit more involved but the end result is spectacular.  A wonderful sausage from South Louisiana that has all the complexities of flavors that you have come to love from Andouille.  Thyme, Garlic, Cayenne are just a few ingredients but let me tell you that this sausage is extraordinary.  A real treat to cook with  and a great addition to any Gumbo, red beans and rice, or by itself with some mustard and saltines..  Enjoy.  This is not a spicy sausage.
Chicken and Apple Breakfast sausage  $6.00  1#:  We have had many requests to make a sausage that contained no pork products.  This is it..  We used Tender Chicken Thighs and meaty Chicken breasts to create a wonderful breakfast sausage that is juicier, leaner and equally delicious as pork sausage.  This sausage has a touch of sage, brown sugar, and maple syrup.  Comes in a 1 pound bag.



Chicken Pot Pie  $10.00 medium Only:  A combination of peas, carrots, celery, and grilled chicken gets tossed in. Finally it's topped with a rich and creamy Pot Pie gravy.  The Gravy stands alone as we use our secret blend of spices to give it that Comfort Food quality.  Topped with a buttery and flaky crust this dish is a classic.  Heat and serve.  Will feed 2.  Because of the amount of work that it takes to make this dish we do not make it very often.  I hope to make 70 or 80 this week to satisfy the requests.  If you really like the pies and you have freezer space you may want to get an extra one.  We have thinned the sauce a bit so that every bite is loaded with creamy gravy...

Overstuffed Mexican Chicken Burritos $7.00:  This Burrito is truly a gourmet burrito.  We start with a delicately prepared bed of Mexican Rice and homemade refried beans. We then add sautéed bell peppers and onions that have been slightly seasoned and softened.   Tomato salsa comes next.  Finally we lay to rest our grilled fajita cooked chicken breast that has been covered in our special Mexican cheese blend.  We are now officially OVERSTUFFED!!!   But Wait!  There's more.. We add olives, fresh cilantro, jalapenos, and more cheese..  This is 1 BIG Burrito!!.  Feeds 2.

(V)(LF) Veggie Burgers  $2.00 each:  On a special request we are bringing back the veggie burgers.  We have made a fresh batch and they are sure to please.   Fresh red peppers, olives, artichokes, red onions, chickpeas, black beans, and white beans, garlic, jalapenos, red onions and lots of exotic spices are just a few of the ingredients in this awesome patty..  Great texture and very moist...  Serve as a burger or eat by itself with salsa and sour cream (like I love to do).  This has a medium spice to it..
Bacon Ranch Chicken Cheese Casserole  $10.00:  This is a dish uses nothing but top shelf ingredient.  Premium White Chicken Breast, New Zealand Butter, Tops Shelf Cream, Parmesan Cheese, Mozzarella, Bacon, Cheddar, house crafted ranch seasonings, buttermilk, and a whole lot more all tossed in a bed of Rotini noodles.  The Alfredo Cream sauce is rich and delicious and the flavor combination of Bacon, Ranch, Chicken, and parmesan Cream sauce is remarkable.  A real tasty treat this week.  Feeds 1 - 2
Italian Chicken Parmigiana  $9.00:  Ready for a full bodied Italian dish?  This Chicken dish is right on track.  Lightly breaded chicken breasts that are pan fried then baked are served over a bed of Linguini Pasta that has been tossed and coated in our Carbonera sauce of Cream and eggs.  Finally the Chicken is covered in a special Parmigiana tomato sauce and coated with mozzarella cheese.  Back by popular demand.  Moist and tender.  Each dish feeds 2 Adults.  

Cajun Chicken and Andouille Sausage Jambalaya:  $8.00 :  I couldn’t allow one more week to go by without making this amazing Cajun staple.  With Louisiana on my Mind I wanted to bring a dish that really represents the culture.  A taste of home for the season.  The requests for this dish have been quite overwhelming as well so here we go.  I have kept this dish authentic Cajun so it's got a kick, but if you want a little extra heat feel free to spice it up!!  Tender and juicy thigh meat, our very own house crafted Andouille Sausage, Tasso, lots of celery, onions, and bell peppers make the essence of this dish come together.  If you want a real taste of Louisiana try this on for size..  (THIS is a medium Spicy Dish)  DID I MENTION THAT IT HAS ANDOUILLE SAUSAGE IN IT!!

(GF) Cream of 4 Mushroom Soup  $9.00 Gluten free (Only 8 Available):   We have made a version of our most popular soup in a Gluten Free variety.  Utilizing several different gluten free proteins and starches we were able to add it to the menu this week.  This soup has a different flavor profile because of the thickeners used but none the less a delicious and earthy mushroom flavor packed with 4 types of mushrooms  (crimini, button, portobellini, and Portobello mushrooms in it.  Made with our delicious chicken stock and a touch of seasoning.  This dish can be served by itself, over Jasmine Rice or added to your favorite casserole for a delicious and exotic upgrade.   Feeds 2 Adults. 
(GF) Beef & Guinness Stew  $8.00:  This dish is now Gluten Free.   Enjoy the depth of flavors this stew has to offer.  Sweet carrots counter the bitterness of the dark beer and the malty flavors infuse the tender and juicy beef chunks in this delicious stew.  This stew stands alone or can be serve with mashed potatoes or over rice.  Feeds 2.
(V) Cheesy Vegetable Medley $6.00 (Only 5 Available): This wonderful dish is perfect as an entrée or a side meal.  Filled with lightly blanched then roasted sweet carrots, cauliflower, and
fresh broccoli this dish is tossed with a smoked mornay cheese sauce.  Simple heat and eat!! 
Beef Stroganoff  $10.00:  A classic comfort food. (Now with more meat!)  This dish is rich and creamy.  Tender beef in a stroganoff cream sauce and loaded with fresh button mushrooms and slivered onions..  This dish has it’s authentic flavor because of how we prepare the beef stock and slow cook the meat.  You will love freshness of this dish.    Feeds 2.   (Egg noodles included.) 

Pasta Pizza Bake  $8.00:   Be adventurous. This deconstructed pizza has all the wonderful flavors that you've come to love from pizza.  We use fresh basil and oregano in our pizza sauce and toss it with our very own Italian sausage and hamburger meat.  We then create a layer of al dente cooked rotini pasta tossed in an Italian carbonera sauce.  Next we layer the meat sauce over it and add nice layer of mozzarella cheese and finally topped with some pepperoni.  A classic in its own right.  So delicious and perfect for 2 Adults.    
(GF) Spicy Thai Penang Chicken $8.00:   Authentic Spicy Thai Curry with fresh galangal,  lemongrass, peppers, and so much more is added to coconut oil and stir fried.  The Chicken breast is added to the sauce for a  wonderful Authentic Thai Dish.  This portion is for 2 Adults.  Comes with a kaffir and peanut garnish.  Serve over Jasmine rice, noodles, or even potatoes for a complete meal.  We toned this dish down as the last time we made we made it super hot.  Let me know if you need Jasmine Rice.  ($1.00 per bag)  THIS IS A SPICY DISH.
(GF) Chicken Tikka Masala $8.00:  In the mood for some Indian food?  I was able to get my hands on some premium heavy cream from Anchor and I just had to make this classic Indian dish that is loaded with exotic flavors!  First we marinate white chicken breast in a yogurt spice sauce.  After a day or so we then grill them in olive oil and toss the chicken pieces in a cream tomato sauce that has wonderful herbs, exotic Indian seasonings, and fresh peppers..  Recommended to serve with Jasmine rice or noodles.  Let me know if you need any Jasmine rice (Cooked $1.00 per bag) This dish has a Spicy bite to it.  **Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used in this dish. 

Crispy French Onion Chicken Casserole  $8.00:  This delicious meal is back on the menu.  Tender Chicken breasts that have been brined and grilled are tossed with a blend of seasonings and a delicious creamy chicken béchamel sauce.  This is all mixed with rice and cheddar cheese and topped with our delicious crispy French fried onion slivers.  Simple and delicious.  Feeds 1-2 adults
Smoked Ham and Potato Casserole  $8.00 (Only 3 Available):  This Comfort food is simple and delicious.  We had some request to make it so here we are..  Made with Extra Virgin Olive oil and pure New Zealand Butter.  Now with more of everything!!  Cheese, Smoked Ham, potatoes, carrots and peas.  Blanched, boiled, roasted, and creamed this simple dish uses many different styles of cooking and the end result is always the same.  Delicious and ultra cheesy!!  Comfort food at its core  Feeds 1- 2 Adults


Buttermilk  $4.00/quart: This product is made fresh each week and  is simply amazing for your baking recipes.  Special Cultures are added to the milk after some very specific heating requirements are met and the milk is then placed in a temperature controlled environment for 24 hours.  Similar to how people make yogurt.  You will love it.  Limited quantities are available. 
BBBQ Sauce  $3.00:  This house crafted (Boquete) BBQ sauce is simply out of this world.  If you have enjoyed our Pulled Pork then you would have tasted it.  Tangy, Sweet, Smokey, Bold, and just downright delicious.  This is the first time we are featuring it on the menu and I am packaging it up in 16 ounce containers.  There are no preservatives, artificial ingredients, no corn syrup, no number 5's, 6's or 7's.  This is all natural and great on fried Yucca, ribs, burgers, hot dogs, as a dip for chicken wings, nuggets, or French fries.  You can freeze this sauce and take it out on a rainy day...

Cooked Rice $1.00:  Simple and delicious this Jasmine rice is ready for you to "Heat and Serve".  Goes great with Tikka and Thai Penang.

Cobb Salad  $7:    In the mood for a crisp and refreshing salad to start the week?  This salad just takes the cake.  Chicken, tomatoes, bacon, Bleu Cheese, eggs, onions.  A mix of 4 varieties of hydroponically grown lettuce and a house crafted original cob salad dressing…   This is a fresh salad and will be good for a couple days in the refrigerator. 

Banana Walnut Bread  $5.00:   A great market Classic.  Sells out every time.  Moist and delicious full of perfectly ripe bananas and topped with walnuts. Freezes great. 
Ready Bake Crescent Rolls  $5.00/ bag of 5:    This product is superb!!  Each order comes with 5 crescent rolls that have been frozen solid.  All you have to do is let them rise and bake them.  These fresh Crescent rolls are big enough for a sandwich!!  Ultra flakey and really tasty.   (Limited Quantity Available)


Brownies  $1:  Treat yourself to a chocolate blast.  4 Types of chocolate and with walnuts this dessert is for the serious chocolate lover
Cranberry Scones  $1:  Baked just before the market these beautiful scones are perfect for a quick breakfast or snack on the go.  Loaded with fruit you will find these scones to be light and delicious
Baklava  Tray of 10 prepackaged  $10.00:  Gooey, crispy, and delicious.  Using exotic spices like cardamom, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, rose water, and orange zest this Baklava has such a wonderful and traditional flavor with a gourmet twist.  For convenience and packaging we have decided to pack the Baklava in 10 portions per plate.  This is such a fantastic dessert as it freezes great.  You can store your Baklava in the freezer for up to 6 months and it will preserve its crispiness and flavor


Thanks for reading
 Eric and Cecelia
6866-0072 (Panama Cell)

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