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Chiriqui Storage Flea Market Plus Other Stuff


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The next flea market is Sunday September 4 and we still have room for more vendors. The markets have been absolutely sold out and the crowds seem to be growing, amazingly. You can rent a space and bring your own table, rent one of our tables, sell from your car...  If you are cleaning out your closets you still have time to organize and sell your treasures to someone else. For more information call Linda at 6503-7756 or email chiriquistorage@gmail.com
  • Do you have a business or hobby and would like a place to work it?  Chiriqui Storage offers worksites in the units.  Check us out!
  • Do you wish to sell your car?  For just $1 per day you can park your car safely with loads of exposure on the main road frontage, especially during the flea market.
  • Are you going on vacation and need a secure place to store your car? For $32 store it here safely; included in the service - we start the vehicles up every month.
  • Are you selling furniture and appliances and are not wanting to have people come to your home; or are you located too far from the area?  W e'll consign it for you.
More information email chiriquistorage@gmail.com
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