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I have been looking for a method to have cell phone use for a one week trip to the US. I found Zipsim and this looks like the best option. Here is how it works. You buy one week or more of service that includes data. They send a sim card to a US address or if you have time have send it to Airboxes, MBE etc. Put the sim card in your unlocked smart phone and you get a number. The system is Tmobile. Anyone have experience with this?

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We have used T-Mobile for 5 years and rate them very highly.  They are the most progressive US telecom carrier when it comes to embracing new technology, the internet and non-contract smart phone solutions.  I think their prices are very reasonable since "al la carte" is always more expensive than the main meal.  Lots of locations in most states but just check the geo-coverage of where you want to use them.

They offer an awesome WiFi mobile hotspot (Samsung 4G-LTE) which we take everywhere with us when we travel in the US to connect up our iPads.

Haven't used Zipsim but wouldn't hesitate to try it.


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We used the Zipsims and they worked as stated. We bought services for 7 days and this is extendable. Set up is easy and we were assigned random numbers. Be aware they are disposable meaning you cannot reactivate later. The shipping and handling was a bit excessive $8 given the size.

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