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Reminder-Meeting Tomorrow (Fri) with Robyn Cole


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Please join us Friday August 19th, 3 pm at La Villa Café.

Remember we have changed our meeting place and time to La Villa Cafe 3rd Friday of the month at 3pm. There will be an open board/business meeting at 2:15 pm before the regular meeting and anyone interested is invited to participate. La Villa provides us with a great place for after meeting socializing and enjoying a cocktail.


This month we will present:


with Robyn Cole


  Robyn will introduce us to the latest methods of working in oil and cold wax. Pellets of beeswax are mixed with natural solvents to create a "cold cream-like" consistency. This cold wax is then mixed by the artist with pigments (oil paint) to achieve a cake frosting-type of consistency. It's fun, sensual and joyous. Working in many layers with mark making tools (no brushes!), addition and subtraction techniques and multiple pigments produces results with texture and depth that cannot be duplicated in any other medium.



As a painter in the contemporary and abstract style, I am a process artist. I invite people to experience the process of the work, to see every stroke, every color choice, every line.


Process, materiality or physicality is what speaks to me. As a “mark maker”, I work in both the encaustic and the cold wax/oil paint mediums.

The cold wax/oil paint process allows for more time to to explore, change and complete my message. I am allowed the freedom to try new techniques, to develop new directions. The cold wax process takes me on an elaborate, colorful journey.

Boquete Artworks    

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