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Are You Freezing or Frying?


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Tankless, On-Demand, water heaters have a long history of fluctuating temperature problems that can be frustrating and uncomfortable...Until now. I have identified a brand of electric tankless heaters that have solved this problem through a more sensitive,  accurate method of controlling the on/off cycle of the heating element. The heater will activate as low as .25-.48 gallons per minute, depending on the model, ideal for the low flow conditions in many homes.

These heaters come in many sizes and configurations, so I need your help in determining whether there is enough demand for me to go the the effort and expense of importing them, and if so, which models to import. They range in size from point of use to whole house applications. Email today to sparkyboquete@mail.com and let me know your situation.

One of these models is a "non-suicide" shower head heater, unlike anything available in Panama.

There is one model of a portable, point of use, propane heater suitable for a sink or shower.

They come with a 6 month, on-site, warranty. If it fails during that time, I will repair/replace at no charge.

Email today and tell me your needs or to make an appointment.

Your Boquete Expert for:

*Surge Protection
*Lighting Design and Installation
*Generators and Transfer Switches
*Energy Monitoring


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Boquete Electrical Solutions
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