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Onyx and Rudy are looking for homes

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Onyx loves to play with other dogs.  He knows "sit" and walks on a leash well.   He will be 4 months old Aug. 30 and has been neutered.   He is a confident little dog, not skittish, and  not aggressive.  He is learning how to be a "guard dog" from the other two dogs in his foster family.  Onyx likes to be independent during the daytime, but likes a little lap time in the evening.....though he is getting big for that now!  Onyx is a sweet boy, nice personality.  Part Pitbull, part Lab, and pure Panamanian. 

Rudy Delgado
Rudy is around 7-9 months old, medium to small sized shepherd mix.  He loves being around people and other dogs and is extremely friendly and loving. He enjoys playing with toys and especially likes having something to chew on.  He will be an excellent watch dog, as he is already barking and alerting when something is amiss.  He is semi-house trained, as he sleeps inside at night without a crate and has no accidents. He would make a great companion dog for someone who has an active lifestyle or a wonderful companion for another dog.


Onyx aka Rascal.jpg


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