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Spanish Listening - Comprehension Class ~ $75 total


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It’s a 6 day class


Do You Have Trouble Understanding People When They

Speak to You in Spanish? Reach a Breakthrough!


Discerning meaning from what you hear is not easy. So you’ve put all this time into speaking Spanish and making yourself understood. Great. But it’s troubling when you are put on the spot and expected to participate in a conversation! You spoke, they responded, but you couldn’t understand what was said. Now what do you do? It’s a shame to give up and say, “No entiendo” when you know you can do better.

If you are “pretty good” at Spanish, but have trouble understanding when Spanish speakers respond to you, then please join this intense listening class.  It’s EZ!  And It’s FAST!  The focus is to help Spanish learners improve their listening skills. This class teaches sound blends, cadence, mimic, intonation patterns, and many unexpected tricks that will help “Train the ear”. You want to participate in conversations and understand what is being spoken.  Join now.

  1. Hear what is being said.
  2. Process, comprehend and follow the conversation.
  3. Learn the different characteristics of native Spanish delivery.
  4. Pick up tips, and get the practice you need to FINALLY push through to the next level.

The class spans a two week period 3 days a weeks, Mon, Tues, & Wed 9:00 - 11:30 a.m.

 Crash Course Spanish Listening with Renny ~


Who is Renny? What are her credentials? Please click the following:



Can’t understand when people speak to you in Spanish? 

Change that!  Sign up now! 


Three days a week for 2 weeks – Mon, Tues, & Wed 9:00 - 11:30 a.m.

Aug. 8, 9, & 10  and  Aug. 15, 16, and 17

For inquiries:   rennykranich@gmail.com

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