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2 Guys & A Cooler with a sneak peek menu..


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Good Day Everyone,


Hope that your day is going great!!  This week we honored the requests of many as we brought back Lasagna, Saag Paneer, and French Onion Crispy Chicken.  Thanks for the suggestions and requests and in the next few weeks we will have Bacon ranch Chicken, Tikka, Penang, Enchiladas, Cordon Bleu, Mushroom Soup, and much more.  Thankfully the week has been unusually uneventful (which is a good thing).   We have some great new items on the horizon as we are expecting one final piece of equipment before we can begin production.   This new and exciting product is sure to have the Highlands buzzing!!!

If this is the first time you are seeing this email be sure to click the link provided and join our email list to receive updates and weekly menus.

 Join By Clicking Here

If you would like to order something from our menu just reply to this message and let me know what you would like.  I will save it for you.  We can deliver it to you, you can pick it up from our place, or you can get it at the BCP on Tuesday.

Please let me know if you are picking up at our house on Monday (Anytime after 2pm), if you want delivery, or if you will be picking up at the BCP.   If you are picking up at our home (you get a 10% Discount) just call when you come and honk when you get to get to the gate.  Be sure to pull all the way up so we can see you.  If you need directions let me know so I can send them..  My number is 6866-0072

If you want home delivery this week you must let me know in your preorder.  Send me your phone number, and give me directions to your house.  If I delivered to your place last week there is no need for additional directions..  On Monday afternoon (between 2 and 5) I will be making deliveries.  Thanks to all who took advantage of this.
Delivery costs $3.00 per order (Orders over $35 dollars qualify for free delivery) 
If you have any questions you can email me at eric@doshombrespanama.com
Thanks for reading
Eric, Cecelia, Chandler, Keira, and Aidan

Organic Chap stick
Orange  $3.00:  Orange Oil, Coconut oil, Aloe Butter, Shea Butter, and Beeswax.  This was not only a favorite flavor but with the added butters this chapstick provides UV protection from the sun while moisturizing.
Raspberry  $3.00:  This popular flavor is back on the menu.  A great Chap Stick that has bees wax, aloe butter, Shea butter, and raspberry oil.  Great moisturizer for your lips that provides UV protection as well.
Frankincense  $3.00:  This great new chap stick provides moisture and has medicinal value.  Frankincense reduces inflammation, disinfectant, and antiseptic properties.  Great for blisters or flare ups.  Can also be used on other parts of the body.  Contains Bees Wax, Unrefined Cocoa Butter, Coconut oil, and Frankincense oil.




Italian Lasagna w/French Bread Loaf  $9.00:   A great combination of sweet Italian pork sausage and ground beef this lasagna uses nothing but the freshest ingredients.  Ricotta, parsley, our very own house crafted lasagna sauce that is simply loaded with fresh veggies and bursting with flavor. Comes with a pre-kneaded dough (bread Stick) that bakes while the lasagna bakes to deliver a fresh piece of French bread with your meal.  Feeds 2

(V) (GF) Saag Paneer   $8.00:  Due to an overwhelming response of this dish's popularity we decided to bring it back bigger and better.  This dish is packed full of exotic flavors and has a nice spicy bite to it.  Nothing crazy though..  Many think that this dish is simply cheese and spinach thrown together and I want you to know that nothing could be farther from the truth.  This dish is a cooking process of strategically breaking down the veggies to develop a unique flavor profile that when combined with certain seasonings gives this dish a wonderful and unforgettable culinary experience.  So simple and yet so complicated.  Generally a large batch of saag paneer will take in the upwards of 8 hours to make   Blanched Bloomsdale Spinach and Pan fried Cheese mixed with Turmeric, Cumin, G. Masala, Coriander, and tossed with caramelized onions, garlic, jalapenos, and ginger.  We kicked it up this week with a bushel of fresh organic Dino Kale from our garden.  To top it all off a touch of cream.  I am personally not a huge fan of the texture when it's completely pureed so this saag paneer is roughly chopped and makes for a delicious vegetarian meal that goes great with Pita Bread or Naan bread.   What's great about this dish is that it just gets better after it has been frozen.  When you let it thaw all the flavors will have married and fully developed.  Rich, creamy, spicy, and  authentically delicious.  Feeds 1 -2


Crispy French Onion Chicken Casserole  $8.00:  This delicious meal is back on the menu.  Tender Chicken breasts that have been brined and grilled are tossed with a blend of seasonings and a delicious creamy chicken béchamel sauce.  This is all mixed with rice and cheddar cheese and topped with our delicious crispy French fried onion slivers.  Simple and delicious.  A Classic Rice Casserole Dish with a delicious twist.  Feeds 1-2 adults

(LF) Almond Crusted Tilapia  $9.00:  This Low Fat fish dish is beautiful, light, and delicious. Pan fried, this fish is crusted with ground almonds, bread crumbs, and parmesan cheese and is perfectly seasoned.... So yummy.  Served with olive oil roasted vegetables and fresh herbs (Cauliflower, carrots, Broccoli).  This dish is only pan fried so the first bake belongs to you.  Feeds 2 adults

Chicken Fried Steak with Country Gravy (revisited) $8.00This southern dish has finally made it on the "Two Guys" menu.  This week we have tweaked the plating so that it can be an even more enjoyable dish.  We are omitting the mashed potatoes and simply serving the country fried steak by itself.  We are also including the gravy but it will be in a bag on the side.  The idea is that you get a properly heated steak that is crispy and a gravy that can be heated and poured over the top.  Just like in the restaurant.  We wanted to do potatoes on the side but it just got too confusing.  I think that you will love the new plating as this reheat will not be soggy.  Although the flavors will still be the same!!!  Amazing    This is served with 2 large pieces of steak that's been battered and pan fried.  Feeds 2 adults.  SOLD OUT
(Vegetarian) Cheese Ravioli with a sage pumpkin Sauce $8.00: This is such a great dish that I haven't made in quite some time so we decided to bring it back.  The combination of Tasty Ricotta Cheese filled ravioli mixed with a combination of herbs and spices and tossed with a creamy pumpkin sauce is divine..  Toasted Almonds adds the final touch to this wonderful dish.  We have elevated the sauce with the addition of Parmesan cheese and WOW.  Our intent was to add more raviolis to each dish and adjust the sauce and price but what we discovered is that the ravioli's didn't reheat properly.  So until we can figure something out each portion is the same as it has always been.  Very yummy.  Feeds  1-2 Adults

Broccoli and Chicken Divan  $8.00: A crowd pleaser.  This wonderful casserole is full of flavor.  Chicken cubes and slightly blanched broccoli make up this dish as it is layered with cheddar cheese and a butter and parmesan cheese bread crumb topping, and a delicious gravy that is made up of white wine, sour cream, and mushroom soup with a touch of curry powder.  The crispness of the broccoli and the tender chicken along with this dishes classic flavor makes this casserole a winner.  Feeds 1 - 2 Adults

Smoked Ham and Potato Casserole  $8.00:  This Comfort food is simple and delicious.  We had some request to make it so here we are..  Made with Extra Virgin Olive oil and pure New Zealand Butter.  Now with more of everything!!  Cheese, Smoked Ham, potatoes, carrots and peas.  Blanched, boiled, roasted, and creamed this simple dish uses many different styles of cooking and the end result is always the same.  Delicious and ultra cheesy!!  Comfort food at its core  Feeds 1- 2 Adults

(GF) Spicy Cajun Boudin Smoked $7.00/ Pack:  Enjoy this Cajun Classic dish here in Boquete.   We love this southern dish that is perfect anytime and anywhere.  Absolutely delicious with a nice Cajun spicy bite to them!!!  The smoke that we used is Hickory and it gives this pork and rice sausage a depth of flavor that is simply delicious.  Grab some saltines and a Dr. Pepper and go to town!!  Aieeeee (Roughly 1 pound of Boudin)



Buttermilk  $4.00/quart: This product is made fresh each week and  is simply amazing for your baking recipes.  Special Cultures are added to the milk after some very specific heating requirements are met and the milk is then placed in a temperature controlled environment for 24 hours.  Similar to how people make yogurt.  You will love it.  Limited quantities are available. 

BBBQ Sauce  $3.00:  This house crafted (Boquete) BBQ sauce is simply out of this world.  If you have enjoyed our Pulled Pork then you would have tasted it.  Tangy, Sweet, Smokey, Bold, and just downright delicious.  This is the first time we are featuring it on the menu and I am packaging it up in 16 ounce containers.  There are no preservatives, artificial ingredients, no corn syrup, no number 5's, 6's or 7's.  This is all natural and great on fried Yucca, ribs, burgers, hot dogs, as a dip for chicken wings, nuggets, or French fries.  You can freeze this sauce and take it out on a rainy day...

Cobb Salad  $7:    In the mood for a crisp and refreshing salad to start the week?  This salad just takes the cake.  Chicken, tomatoes, bacon, Bleu Cheese, eggs, onions.  A mix of 4 varieties of hydroponically grown lettuce and a house crafted original cob salad dressing…   This is a fresh salad and will be good for a couple days in the refrigerator. 

Banana Walnut Bread  $5.00:   A great market Classic.  Sells out every time.  Moist and delicious full of perfectly ripe bananas and topped with walnuts. Freezes great.

Brownies  $1:  Treat yourself to a chocolate blast.  4 Types of chocolate and with walnuts this dessert is for the serious chocolate lover

Cranberry Scones  $1:  Baked just before the market these beautiful scones are perfect for a quick breakfast or snack on the go.  Loaded with fruit you will find these scones to be light and delicious. 
Thanks for reading
 Eric and Cecelia
6866-0072 (Panama Cell)

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