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Gallery-quality Maple Burl Bowl at the Tuesday Morning Market

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Made in Boquete by David van Harn, an award-winning woodturner originally from Sonoma County, California. 

Although I normally only turn Panamanian woods, a Boquete friend gave me a piece of beautiful West Coast soft maple burl (Acer macrophylum - Western Big-leaf Maple).   I studied the wood carefully, knowing that I would have only one chance to turn a truly fine artistic piece from it.  The resulting bowl, 8.5" in diameter and 4" tall. displays subtle curves below the rim on both the inside and outside.  The rim is enhanced with a turquoise-colored inlay.  I sanded the bowl to a very high grit, polished it with a soft cotton wheel, and finally buffed on a coat of pure Brazilian carnauba wax. 

The beauty of this piece exceeded all of my expectations. If I still lived in California, I would enter it in the annual "Artistry in Wood" juried exhibition at the Sonoma County Museum in September - where I took first place in the amateur division in 2011 with my piece titled "Oasis". 

This one-of-a-kind, hand-made artistic woodturning is available for $195.  (The art gallery price on this piece would be approximately $400-500 in the U.S.)

bowl 1.JPGbowl 2.JPGbowl 3.JPG

I will be turning a pair of dual-hole (taper and tealight) candle out of the same piece of wood, and they will be available for preview as unfinished pieces tomorrow at the BCP Tuesday Morning Market. 

David van Harn
Artisan Woodturnings
Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama
Cell:  6706-7236
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