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How about all this wonderful RAIN??? 
After 3+ years of serious drought, the earth is embracing the welcome moisture. The plants at Finca Luz are reaching high and low to sustain and replenish themselves. Nature RULES.
However, due to all the wonderful RAIN, 
the condition of our Medicine Way Trails is slippery and muddy
So...We are CLOSING the Medicine Way Trail until such time as the weather shifts and we can do necessary repairs and maintenance.
We will announce when we re-open -- no exact date possible because, well, it's WEATHER in Panama and so is completely unpredictable.
In the meantime, we will be at the Tuesday Market every week with our specialty botanical tinctures and skin care products. 
Check out our new Sweep Sleep formula -- 
a potent blend of native vetiver and passion flower extracts. Sweet, sweet sleep...
Last but not least, Cloud Forest Botanicals' best sellers are now available throughout the week at La Villa Estrella Cafe in the BCP. 
Ask Elizabeth (the other one!) Farrell for what you want and she will direct you. Same great products, same great prices, 
just conveniently available Tuesday through Sunday.
Thanks to all our incredible clients and friends 
who have supported our incredible business success! 
Now entering our 7th year...upward and onwards!
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