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Bad Things In Your LIfe......El Matador To The Rescue!


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Photo by Bob Gregory


The rains have returned to the Boquete area.  Of course we are glad to see the rain because the water is needed for agriculture and to operate the Panama Canal.  But the rain also marks the the return of gray, fuzzy mold on shoes, coats, rugs, furniture, and other things in your home.

So here comes a shameless promotion of El Matador Mold Killer and some other El Matador products that can be important in your life.

"El Matador" means "The Killer," and most El Matador products fit that description in one way or another.  Here is a rundown of some principal El Matador products.

El Matador MOLD KILLER -- Kills and prevents growth of mold on shoes, leather jackets, area rugs, draperies, backs of furniture, etc.  16 ounce spray bottle - $7

El Matador COLLOIDAL SILVER -- This miracle in a bottle kills over 600 different microorganisms.  Take orally for colds, flu other viral infections, sore throat, candida, gastroenteritis, yeast infections, etc.  Use topically for burns, cuts, scrapes, skin infections, etc.  4 ounces - $10, 8 ounces - $15, 32 ounces (quart) - $45.  When bottles are available, 16 ounces - $24, 24 ounces - $35.  Also great for pets.  Completely safe.  Long list of non-medical uses also, including sanitizing fruits and vegetables.

El Matador BORON SUPPLEMENT -- "Kills" (prevents and cures) arthritis and osteoporosis.  Kills candida infections.  Boosts hormones.  Important supplement because most farm soils have been depleted of boron.  Quart bottle - $12 (2 month supply for one person)

El Matador PUPFRESH -- Kills dog odors between baths and repels fleas and ticks.  Fresh, pleasant odor.  Don't bathe your dog too often because it can be bad for the skin.  Can also be sprayed on dog bedding  NOT FOR CATS. 24 ounce spray bottle $8

For each of these products except PupFresh I furnish a guidesheet sent to your email address.  Other free information, including eBooks, is also available to provide detailed guidance for colloidal silver and boron use for specific conditions.

To order any product send an email to Bob Gregory at rhgusn@gmail.com or call 6745-2828.  Also email for a complete product list and any detailed information you wish.

Products may be picked up at my house in Alto Boquete or usually at the Tuesday BCP market by arrangement.

For your convenience, Andrew Foote stocks the smaller sizes of El Matador colloidal silver at his market table in the Hex Room.

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