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Classical music concert - Friday, June 10 at 7:00 pm

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Concierto Camerata Alfrefo de Saint Malo[13].jpg

The comminity is invited to enjoy a special evening classical concert.

Purchase your tickets at Boquete Library or Mail Box ETC.

This will be Boquete's best concert of the year. Do not miss this opportunity. Below are names of some of the musicians playing. 

VIOLINES – Violines

Luis Darío Baracaldo (Colombia), OSN de Bogotá, co-concertino

Diomedes Díaz (Pmá), OSN de Panamá, 1ros violines

Xiomara González Castillo (Pmá), Directora de la Fundación Mario de Obaldía

Omar Guevara Sánchez (México), violinista del Cuarteto Carlos Chávez

Néstor Ibarra (Pmá), OSN de Panamá, 1ros violines

Mykyta Klochkov (Ucrania/México), OSN de México, concertino interino

Anna Majcherczyk (Polonia), OF de Bremer, asistente principal, 2do violines

Oryana Racines (Pmá), Texas Tech University (candidata al doctorado)


Luis Enrique Casal (Pmá), Camerata Washington Heights, concertino

Paola Casal (Pmá), fisioterapeuta del Festival ASM 2016

Juliana Rufail (Argentina), Sinfónica de Córdoba


Lucrecia Basaldúa (Uruguay), OSN y OF de Montevideo, co-principal

Juan Pablo Polanco (Rep. Dominicana), OS de la República Dominicana, co-principal


Juan Pablo Mora-Saborío (Costa Rica), OSN de Costa Rica

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