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New Seminar - Exploring The scientific Language of the Universe to manifest your life's desires

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Exploring The Language of the Universe - Wondering why things happen in your life? ,         Do you often think "why does this always happen to me" ?       Do you wish to fix the problems?

Join us to discover the secrets in the scientific language of the Universe to manifest your life’s desires!
This three day seminar will empower you to create the life you aspire & deserve. You will learn to send clear & precise messages to the Universe of your heart’s true desires. Learning to communicate and interact with the resonance language of the Universe is the key! We are all infinite consciousness capable of fulfilling our hopes and dreams. By learning the scientific language of the Universe you are able to:

·      Heal your body

·      Magnetize what you need in your life

·      Manifest wishes from thoughts to reality

·      Unlock blockades in your life

·      Connect to the harmonic laws of creation

·      Receive answers for yourself & others

·      Feel peace in mind, body & soul

·      Build healthy & fulfilling relationships with yourself & others

The seminar will be divided into 6 main topics:

1.    The language of the Universe

2.    Manifestation

3.    The divine human body

4.    Electromagnetism & the power it holds within you 

5.    The laws of microcosms & macrocosms

6.    Discovering your hidden human secret 

Together we will also tap into the secrets of quantum physics and how to implement this ancient knowledge into your daily life.  You will learn the scientific technics on how to understand your inner voice by listening to your body’s biochemical signals.

Oazis Zoller is a spiritual teacher & life coach, Oazis  has more than 10,000 On-Line  students and customers around the world.. She sheds light on the connection between spirituality and Science For the last 20 years Oazis Zoller wrote more than 2000 pages on Noetic sciences and how to communicate and interact with the resonance language of the Universe. Her teachings on how to be happier in life and achieve the best results in accordance with the universal laws are truly inspiring.

  • Jun 16, 17 ,19 / 2016 
  • 10:00 am  - 16:00 PM

Cost $199.


Plaza Los Establos, Boquete, Panama            +507-6630-3769            info@go2yia.yoga



Waiting to see you.
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