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New Bill 156 National Commission for the Treatment of Urban Solid Waste

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In another thread we were talking about the big problem we have in Panama regarding garbage or solid waste disposal.  I also talked about one initiative of the diputados for a new law in order to start doing something by the government that could be of help in the garbage problem with themes like recycling, energy production, etc.  

Well looks like our words were heard.   I found this today about the new bill I was talking about. http://goo.gl/aZzCy3  This new bill proposed talks mainly about the use of the solid waste or garbage for the production of electric energy.  I will read it in more detail to see what is the real scope of the new law and if something need to be included and/or expanded.

We are walking in the right direction and I hope the politicians dont mess this initiative.

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Perhaps this article may be of interest, and at least somewhat related:




An Opportunity to Generate Energy From Garbage

In Panama a bill proposes to regulate the electrical energy produced by heat treated solid waste.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


The aim of Bill No. 156 which has already been approved in the National Assembly, is to create a National Commission for the Treatment of Urban Solid Waste, which would be responsible for developing and approving a plan for treatment and processing of waste, coordinating with community boards and creating additional incentives for legal persons involved in the process of generation or waste management.

Regarding how the energy generated would be marketed, Article 8 states that "...In order to promote clean energy projects using renewable sources, the Electricity Transmission Company, will be holding competition acts for the purchase of energy (kWh), exclusive to plants with facilities for generating power using solid waste, whose resulting contracts will be valid for up to fifteen years.

"... The amount of power to be contracted, through competition acts exclusively for plants or facilities generating energy from solid waste, will be determined by Empresa de Transmisión Eléctrica, S.A. and approved by the National Authority of Public Services. "

See full text of the bill.


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There are a few commercial solid waste generators in Europe, some in Urban settings, so the technology is there.  While it can be done here I wonder if companies will be cautious  due to such proposed enteties as " The nation commission for the treatment of urban solid waste".  Unfortunately Panama does not have the best track record for non-interference in large contracts but we can only hope things are improving.

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