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Food Vendors needed for new market (free)

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The BCP is launching a trial balloon on May 21. We will be hosting a Saturday market called "Taste of Boquete". This market will be food and drink vendors only. The first market will be FREE to all vendors of food and drink offerings. Most of the food and drink vendors from the regular Tuesday market are on board but we want new blood. If you or somebody you know sells food and/or drink products, please contact Elena Serracin at facilitymanagerbcp@gmail.com or 6920-1111.


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The BCP has committed to running this test for 3 months. The first month it was free for vendors and was a wonderful success in terms of both vendors and customers. In preparation for the free market we did a lot of re-wiring and purchased chairs, tables, electrical cords, etc. So it was a costly experiment. The second market will be held on June 18 (always the 3rd Saturday of the month). It will cost vendors a nominal fee of $7.50. We expect it to be equally successful. There are already 22 vendors signed up. There will be a 3rd trial market in July and we will charge the vendors the full price of $15.

If you know someone who might like to sell at this market, email our facility manager, Elena Serracin    serracin62@gmail.com or call her at 6920-1111.

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