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Peaceful Manifestation: Cochea River at Risk!


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Please come and join the community of the Chiriqui Province in a Peaceful Manifestation in the Central Park of Dolega in front of the Catholic Church and National Police Station at 9:30 a.m. Sunday May 1st.  

This Peaceful Protest is against the installation of a River Quarry in the Cochea River that would affect the districts of Dolega and David and create dust, noise, and dangerous truck traffic for the aforementioned communities as well as putting at risk the local Ecosystem and River. The concession is for over 500 acres where there are 44 private properties, many homes, and a local water system that provides water to over 200 households. The project property is  located approximately 1 kilometre from a high school with over 2,000 students. If passed, this project could set a dangerous precedent in Chiriqui that would increase environmental degradation and reduce human rights.  

It is, according to articles 20 and 38 of the Panamanian Political Constitution, completely legal for foreigners to take part in peaceful protests, as long as they do not block roadways or commit violence.  

So, if you are an environmentalist, a good neighbour, or are interested in property rights integrity, come on down before the big flea market at Chiriqui Storage and support nature and your neighbours in the park of Dolega in front of the Catholic Church at 9:30 a.m. Sunday Morning, May 1st!

I will be wearing a blue shirt and big farmer’s hat and will be glad to visit and talk with you!

Best Wishes,

Robert Knox

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