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BOQUETE, PANAMA, May 14 – Longtime Boquete resident and author, Demetrius Koubourlis, announces his compelling new book, My Ailing Champion: A Memoir (Publication date: June 1, 2024).


My Ailing Champion details the harsh environment of the Nazi occupation in Greece and the many obstacles the author faced to get an education in the post-WW II years. Ultimately, the family beat up the author and tossed him into the streets hungry and penniless, robbing him of his education dream forever. It was for America to throw a lifeline and enable the author to get an education, even a Ph.D. In this sometimes tragic yet sometimes humorous memoir, the author expresses his deep gratitude for a chance at the American Dream and bemoans the current state of America, his ailing champion.

Advance praise for My Ailing Champion:

·       Pointed, pained, touching account of coming to America for learning and freedom.” – Booklife (Click here for the entire Booklife review)

·       “… the book’s narrative offers an inspirational read when it’s focused on the author’s personal triumphs. The author employs an accessible, engaging style that’s distinct from that of his peer-reviewed, academic writings…An often absorbing, if occasionally polemic, immigration remembrance and defense of the American dream.” – Kirkus Reviews (Click here for the entire Kirkus Reviews review)

·       “A dreamer's vicissitudes and the agony of coming of age in Greece.” – Chris Poulos

·       "An interesting book about a man who has lived long and seen much. Thought provoking and highly intellectual." – Lisa Whitehead

·       “A very well-written life story.” – Rex Sheppard

My Ailing Champion is now available for pre-order on Amazon (Amazon Pre-Order Link ), and will be available in paperback on Amazon and at fine booksellers everywhere after June 1st.

For more information, visit the author’s website, https://www.koubourlisbooks.com/

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