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What's happening this week - Chicken Pot Pies, Dog Treats, & Long Term storage Food

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This week we’ve got some really big things happening.  For starters our Chicken Pot Pies are back on the menu and they are delicious!!  Our Pot Pies have tender juicy chicken breast that’s been lightly seasoned, vegetables (carrots, peas, celery) that have been perfectly cooked, a flavorful silky smooth creamy gravy, and a crust that cooks up crispy and flaky on both the top and the bottom!!  These Pot Pies are soul satisfying and will transport you back to a time when things were much simpler.  Unfortunately, a dish like this quite labor intensive to make so we’ve only made a limited amount, be sure to get yours while supplies last.


Dog Treats!!!  WOW, we are super excited to be rolling out several new product lines this week.  The first is our “The Main Corso” line of Dog Treats.  Some of your have already had the chance to meet the newest additions to our family, our 2 Cane Corso (Italian Mastiffs) puppies, Titus and Beta.  Don’t let the word puppy fool you though as these 8-month-old dogs now weigh close to 100 pounds!!  As you can imagine, training both puppies at the same time has been a blast and we always try to have some sort of special dog treats available.  We wanted to give our dogs 100% natural treats and snacks.  Basically, treats with only 1 ingredient!!  That started our journey into making amazing snacks for canines of any size.  I can say these treats have been thoroughly tested and approved by our furry test subjects😉.  On our menu there will be a section called “The Main Corso” and it will have everything that is available at that time.  We plan on expanding the line of treats and snacks in the near future to include both dehydrated and freeze-dried snacks and treats.  This week we have authentic bully sticks, dehydrated esophagus, dehydrated chicken feet, dehydrated chicken necks, dehydrated pork ears (full size), dehydrated pork ears (strips), and pork hides.  All of these products have been carefully prepared and either baked, roasted, or low temp dehydrated to bring out the natural flavors that your dog will surely love.  These single ingredient treats are healthy, emotionally stimulating, and delicious!  Perfect for training, rewarding good behavior, or just a lazy afternoon snack.  Our Titus really loves the bully sticks and the full-size pork ears.  While Beta goes crazy over the dried esophagus and the chicken feet.  I can’t wait to hear which treats your pup falls in love with!!


Our next new product line is our Freeze-Dried Long-Term Storage Food and Freeze-Dried Candies.  Freeze Dried Candies, sounds weird right?  Freeze Drying does something magical to soft and chewy (tough on the teeth) candies.  It turns them into crispy and light confectionary flavor bombs!!  Skittles, salt water taffy, candy corn, jolly ranchers, caramel, you name it!  You can experience candy for the first time like never before!!  Oh, we’ve also got freeze dried Ice cream (on the horizon) as well.  Not into the sweets, no problem.  We are slowly rolling out our Freeze-Dried Long-Term Storage Meals.  We’ve had lots of requests for these items and we are finally out of the testing phase.  Our Freeze-Dried Long-Term storage meals are the same meals that you have come to know and love, just packed in a different way.  The entire process starts with our team of chef’s.  Your meal is expertly prepared and blast frozen to subzero temperatures (-30f).  Once frozen these meals are transferred over to a special machine where they begin the process of lyophilization a.k.a. freeze drying.  This usually takes about 50 – 60 hours and during that time the moisture in the food is slowly converted into a vapor, in this form the vapor leaves the food and sticks to the wall of the dryer.  This process is called sublimation.  The end result is food that has had the moisture removed from it and is now perfectly preserved.  To keep the food in this state we use special mylar bags (7mil thick) and oxygen absorbers.  These meals do not require refrigeration and can be kept in a cool dark place for at least 25 years.  All you have to do is add hot water and you are good to go.  The beauty of freeze drying is that it retains close to 97% of the food’s original nutrients and there is little to no loss of quality.  That means when you heat up one of our freeze-dried meals it’ll taste as if it was just cooked!!  I just had the Shepherd’s Pie and it was out of this world!!!  We currently have our Boquete Chili, Shepherd’s Pie, and our Kicked-up Meatloaf available in these presentations but more are on the way.  Just so you know, the Chili and shepherd’s Pie are portioned for 2 adults and the Meatloaf is a single serving.



Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing you soon.



To see the new selections, you can check out our menu here:

2 Guys & A Cooler – We Cook, So You Don’t Have To (doshombrespanama.com)



This is a membership site now so if you have not signed up to be a member be sure to select the option “Become a Member”.  It’s a very quick and easy process.

All orders will be delivered on Monday between 9am and 5pm.  If you have any questions or issues, please let me know by replying to this email or contacting me by cell at 6866-0072


If you want to see us in action, be sure to follow us on Instagram.  2 guys and a cooler (@2guysandacooler) • Instagram photos and videos


Eric, Cecelia, Chandler, Keira, Aidan, Titus, Beta

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