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Learn how to "shake off" stress, tension and trauma patterns!

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Announcing an upcoming workshop at The STUDIO:   
February 4th, Sunday 1-3 pm
(includes a FREE follow-up class, Feb 8th, Thurs 2-3 pm)
at THE STUDIO at The Haven Wellness Resort & Spa, located in Bajo Boquete
Instructor: Joy Alexander
$45 (price includes workshop & optional follow-up class)
TRE® is an innovative series of exercises that help the body to release deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. Created by Dr. David Berceli, TRE safely triggers a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, and calms down the nervous system. When the 'tremor mechanism' is activated in a secure and controlled environment, the body is motivated to return back to a state of balance.
TRE is a somatic body based practice especially effective for people suffering with stress, anxiety, trauma or PTSD. It doesn't require talking about an event, feeling or issue, therefore it overcomes the language barriers that can bring up added stress.
TRE is based on the findings that stress, tension and trauma are both psychological and physical. The reflexive muscle vibrations in TRE are known to feel pleasant and soothing. After doing TRE, the majority of people report feeling peaceful with a sense of well-being.
• You will learn about neurogenic tremors -- our body's natural inbuilt recovery system.
• What TRE is, why it was developed, and how it works.
• TRE’s set of seven safe, simple tension & trauma releasing exercises that are designed to trigger the body’s ‘tremor mechanism’ 
• You will have an experience of activating the neurogenic tremor in a supportive group environment. 
• You will leave with a self-help tool that you can use to regulate your own nervous system -- as needed!
This class will be a review and practice of the TRE exercises... with another opportunity to experience the 'tremor mechanism'. We will also discuss 'next steps' for those who want to continue with self-lead or guided sessions. 
About Joy Alexander
Joy is the Head of The Studio's Yoga Program at The Haven Wellness Resort & Spa, and is passionate about what she does! She has been teaching yoga & meditation classes throughout the Boquete community since 2014.
Joy's interest is the body-mind connection, especially how it relates to patterns of tension / trauma held within our physical structure. She helps guide others through combinations of awareness, movement, stillness, and breath to safely facilitate innate healing, clear the body's energetic pathways, and balance the nervous system.
Born into a 'yoga family', Joy grew up practicing both yoga and meditation from an early age. (Her mother opened one of the earliest yoga studios in Southeastern Massachusetts.) She continued her studies in yoga... exploring a variety styles such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Kripalu and Bikram Yoga. However, it wasn’t until 2010 that she found and fell in love with the discipline of Ashtanga, deepening her practice even more. Now a registered yoga instructor (500 hr Yoga Alliance certification), she is realizing her dream in Boquete, Panama.
Along with Yoga Certifications and an intensive 750 hour massage education, Joy has additional training in energy work and bodywork modalities including 120 hrs of Polarity Therapy, and Lomi Lomi Certification Levels 1 &2. Most recently, Joy completed a TRE (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercise) Certification in 2022. She brings her knowledge of the body — both energetic and physical — into her teaching style.
For more information, visit THE STUDIO website at:  https://studiohavenboquete.com/
Or just respond to this email directly. 😉
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