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Boquete Health & Hospital January 2024 general meeting

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Please join us for our monthly general meeting next Wednesday, January 10th, from 10-11 am at the Amigos de Animales Event Center in Alto Boquete. This will be different from our usual meetings! The Council will vote to confirm the new slate of officers, and Dr. Rod Gottula and Dave Nichols will be soliciting suggestions from the public as to where we should focus our energies.

Are you passionate about delivering hospice and palliative care in Panama? Do you have ideas for how BHH can improve our services and reach more people in need? This will be a great opportunity to share your thoughts.

We'll be putting our current services under the microscope and discussing how we can make them more organized and efficient. Our Community Outreach group has been making a big push to get the word out to the Panamanian community about our services—how can we better those efforts? There also appears to be a new emphasis in Chiriquí to improve the province's palliative care system. How can we collaborate with others to maximize the services available to the local community?

We'll also take a broader look to the future as we develop our three-year plan. What services do we want to keep providing? Are there any we wish to discontinue? Do we want to develop any NEW programs?

Your input is invaluable to us, so please come and share your ideas. If you cannot attend in person or via Zoom, feel free to send your thoughts directly to our president at rodgottula@gmail.com. If received in time, they will be included in the meeting discussion.

Together, we can chart a future for BHH that benefits everyone in our community. Thanks to all of you for your dedication to BHH, and we hope to see you at the January meeting!
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