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Five New Cat Feeding Stations


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Nathalie will be one of the 5 new cat feeding stations Kirsten Cares For Cats will take on in 2024.  There are 20 cats but they do not belong to Nathalie.  They belong to someone else that started with a couple of cats but due to not sterilizing there are now the 20 cats and these cats are hungry and going to Nathalie's house looking for food.  This is how a cat feeding station begins.  The  5 new cat feeding stations will add 60 cats to the more than 200 cats we already feed at the 15 established feeding stations.
I am asking if you can sponsor or donate a monthly bag of food.  I need assistance to continue feeding hungry cats and sterilizing so we do not have more feeding stations added to the now 20 we begin with in the New Year 2024.
I will gladly provide receipts or happily show you the cats receiving the food.  I am also available for any questions.  I am here for the sole purpose of helping the cats thus all donations go to caring for the cats.
Thank you.
Kirsten Quimby
WhatsApp  6446-2794
Please contact me for Panamanian bank details.


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