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Smokey and his friend Gracie need a new home


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Smokey was adopted a few months ago and was very happy in his new home where he got a new friend, Gracie.  Health issues have forced Smokey and Gracie's mom to go back to the U.S. She is staying with someone who is allergic to cats, so can't take them with her.

Here is Smokey.  A photo and description of Gracie will follow.  It would be great if someone could take both of them, since they are good friends.

Hi, my name is Smokey Bear. Smokey for short. I am looking for a
permanent home now. I am about 5 years old, healthy, neutered and up to date on my shots.

I am a Himalayan-mix. I may be shy at first, but if I know I am in a loving home, I am very social and I love to sit on your lap, curl up at your feet and sleep in the sunlight. People tell me I am good-natured and am a mellow, happy cat.

I am primarily an indoor cat and I use the litter box. I sometimes go outside, not very far, and only if I know the outside is safe.

I was raised with my brother and I get along with dogs however older cats may not like my friendly nature, but younger cats may want to play with me.

I am looking for a forever home.

Contact Pat Kehm at 6796-4688 or pkehm2879@gmail.com (cut and paste email address. It won't link directly).

Smokey suitcase.jpg

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Smokey is actually a Himalayan-Ragdoll mix.  He is a soft, floppy cat.  Gracie is a sweet girl and loves to play. She likes crunchy food along with wet food. She will be a year old June 4th. She will curl up at your side. She is still young but is very loving.  A photo will be posted soon.

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