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Gardening? Get your goat berries!


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Greetings to the Boquete Community from Milky Way Creamery!


Many of you already know us from the Tuesday markets where we have offered our goat dairy products for over 10 years.  For those of you whom we haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting, Milky Way is a farmstead goat dairy and creamery right here in Boquete. Although the goats are our main focus, we also have other animals, as well as some vegetables and ornamental plants.  


Over the years, we’ve had fantastic results with our veggies and flowers by using a fertilizer that we've been producing ever since we started raising goats.  Right now we’re offering it to the rest of the community.  


Our organic fertilizer is made using a mixture of fully composted (black soil), partially composted, and raw goat, duck, chicken, and green manure. The result is a mixture that's teeming with beneficial microorganisms that can support the growth of your plants for 6+ months. You can grow directly on it, or you can use it as the perfect soil amendment for your raised bed and potting mixes.


The 50 lb. bag is $12.50.



Piero will be at the Tuesday Market at TapOut on Tuesday, December 12th between 10:30-11:30 A.M., ready to load up your vehicle. You will find him at our market table by going down the stairs and wrapping around the building on the right side.  Our table is on the left-hand side of the aisle. You can also reach Piero on his cell phone (number below), and he will meet you at the parking lot.  He will only be taking pre-ordered bags to the market, so please reserve ahead of time - we'd hate for you to waste a trip!
If you are interested in purchasing a bag or have any questions, please let us know via email, or call Piero at 6481-6397
Finally, if you are interested in purchasing a carload of bags (12 or more), we offer complimentary delivery within the Boquete area.
Testimonials are below.
Best wishes to you all,
Piero and Adriane


“We have known Piero for several years and are quite impressed with his operation.  Personally we love his goat milk and cheeses. We also utilize his composted manure to help grow our worms for their organic worm casing fertilizer.  We feel he produces an excellent product and would encourage others to try it.”

Ron Miller

         Finca Santa Marta

I am an avid gardener and have used Piero's goat berries for the last 2 years. I usually spread them in early rainy season. The growth, vibrancy, health and flower production is fantastic. Far superior to anything I have used on the gardens in the 14 years I have lived here.

Victoria Lee Appenzeller

The Hacienda Bed and Breakfast


“Piero's goat manure is a great addition to my organic garden. I've never had such great veggies in my life. Very rich in nutrients! I am very pleased and would recommend it to anyone who wants a super healthy garden.”

Eric Christensen


“Piero’s goat manure really makes a strong difference with my organic veggies, especially the carrots, cucumbers & tomatoes…It’s also extremely convenient & affordable for the results it produces.”


Harreson R Mayers

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