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I will have six bundles of my books available for a Christmas special. Two of my picture books and a coloring book in one bundle. The regular price for all of them together is $23.00, but they are on sale for $18.00 per bundle of 3. I am at the Piggy Press table at the Arcos building at BCP on Tuesday morning.

I have put some Ngäbe bundles together also for those who have Ngäbes working for them who have children and want to give them books for Christmas. A Ngäbe coloring book in 3 languages (Ngäbe included), Chalina, a numbers book in Spanish and Ngäbe, and Bella & Chantey Mama Wants a Blue Mushroom that takes place on the Comarca, in Spanish/English. Here are the books available for the Special.
I want to thank everyone who has bought my books; I really appreciate you. It gives me an incentive to write more for the children.
My new  Nite Nite, Puppies book for toddlers, saying goodnight to different breeds of puppies, is now also available at regular price. The toddler book was a request from an ex-pat grandma last year. I only have seven left.
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