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The Proof is in the Pudding


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These expenses prove how much Kirsten Cares For Cats is dedicated to caring for the cats.  These costs represent the cats that have received veterinary care and food for the months of August and September.  How would you know what we do and what we spend unless documentation was provided?  Kirsten Cares For Cats needs more monthly 🗓️ donors to continue the work we are doing. 🤲🏻 I would not be asking unless I truly needed the support.  The proof is in the pudding and these expenses illustrate the dedication towards the cats.
The end of the year will soon be upon us and if you make a yearly donation to a charity, please consider Kirsten Cares For Cats and 501 c 3 information will be supplied.  The numerous cats we care for will benefit immensely.  Thank you.
August 2023   Food      $1,527.62
Veterinary Care             $1,406.45
September 2023 Food  $   909.60
Veterinary Care             $1,141.60
Kirsten Quimby
WhatsApp  6446-2794
Banco General  04-48-97-346311-0
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