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Adorable Dogs Looking for New Home


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Two small, friendly dogs are looking for their forever home to live out their best life!


We have two loving and friendly dogs in need of a home in which they can thrive. These two seven-year-old female terriers are litter mates. Their current environment isn't appropriate for them (at no fault of their own), so we hope to find a loving home where they can flourish and succeed.








Breed: Terrier

Age: 7 years old

Gender: Female

Temperament: Friendly, playful, and well-behaved.

Health: Up-to-date on vaccinations and in good health.

Spayed/Neutered: Bailey is spayed. Pepper is scheduled to be spayed on Monday, October 30th.


These girls are great with other dogs and people and love attention and playtime. They're happiest when they're in your lap or by your side.


Adoption details: If you're interested in providing a loving home for our girls, please reply to this email for more information. They can be adopted together or separately. We want to ensure our furry friends find the perfect family to care for them.


Adoption Requirements:

  • A secure and safe environment.
  • Willingness to provide love, care, and attention.
  • Commitment to responsible pet ownership.


Please help us give these girls a second chance at a happy life! Your love and care can make a world of difference. Thank you in advance! ❤

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