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Foam Rolling Workshop


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Foam Rolling Workshop with Kristina Long
12:30 - 2:30 PM
Price: $25 


Foam rolling, a form of self massage, requires you to utilize your own body weight to roll over muscles using a cylinder shape foam core or another firm object like a ball. This helps smooth out tension and tightness in the muscles and connective tissues, ultimately freeing the body of pain and restrictions.

Please join Kristina Long for an informative, fun and therapeutic workshop. Learn how to easily release soft tissues with self massage with a foam roller. Leave feeling great! Perfect for anyone who practices yoga, works out, has tight muscles, exercises, or doesn't do much of anything! A variety of techniques will be shown and practiced.

Foam rollers will be provided for your use. Wear comfortable clothing, and be prepared to be on the floor.

About Kristina Long
Kristina has been studying and empowering people to feel better in their body’s since the 90’s. Fitness and yoga instruction, personal training led her to pursue massage therapy as a career in 2010. Continued studies have motivated Kristina to pursue certifications in energy and sound healing and stretching.

For more information, visit The Studio website: studiohavenboquete.com  

You may register in advance with payment and sign-up with the reception desk at The Haven.  Or you may drop in, the day of the workshop.

The STUDIO is located in The Haven Wellness Resort & Spa in Bajo Boquete.
Peace to you, 
Kristina Long 
Certified Yoga Instructor
Licensed Massage Therapist
Reiki TUMMO L3 Practitioner
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