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DONATON and the 1st Family and Dogs Walk in Boquete


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2nd Donaton Panama 2023
October 14th and 15th
10am to 6pm 
National fundraising of:
- Food for cats and dogs
- Medicine
- Accessories
Cash for veterinary care, vaccinations and sterilizations
Arcoiris hall at Flower and Coffee Fair - Boquete
Organización Dejando Huellas Boquete OBC with the full support of the Alcaldia De Boquete and Joswar Alvarado, Alcalde de Boquete
We will also have Craft Fair of Artisans and Floriculturists Association of Boquete
On Sunday Oct 15th
1st Family and dogs walk in Boquete 3K
Join us for fun while helping in this fundraising organized by Organización Dejando Huellas Boquete OBC and sponsored by Alcaldia De Boquete and RUN on FIRE
Registrations at City Hall, ask for Katherine Fuentes.
$5 per dog or person
$3 each If you register 3 or more
Thanks for your support!
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