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Hospice: Procrastinators, "Being Prepared" forms workshop


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April 27 (Wednesday), 9:30 at the Animales Clinic in Alto Boquete
This workshop is for those who have attended the "Being Prepared" presentation.  Have you started your paperwork or are you procrastinating?  Do you have questions?  Is your pen out of ink?  Do you sit down to work on the forms and suddenly decide the closet you haven't cleaned in 2 years needs cleaning now?  Whatever the reason, and we won't ask, Hospice is holding a workshop to help you get moving.
To get you on your way:
     1.  Bring a notebook for completed forms (other than black/white - if you can find it)
     2.  Bring three notebook dividers if you have them.
     3.  Bring a copy of the front page of your passport and your partner's if there are two of you.
     4.  Bring copies of drivers licenses, cedulas.
     5.  Bring your "Buddy Connection" form
     6.  Bring your "5 Wishes"/ "Living Will" forms
     7.  Bring your "information on a "Panamanian Death Certificate"
     8.  Bring several sheets of blank paper.
Come and get started.  It's truly a relief.
We will have extra packets available for the same initial charge of $1.00.  There is also a suggested donation of $5.00-$10.00 per person which will go to buy oxygen concentrators...hopefully not, but what if you need one?
For reservations call or email:
Nikki Steele, Boquete Hospice
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